15 Things to Do When Your Husband’s Not Home (a TiLT in disguise)

For the past week and a half, I’ve been living the single life. Nimby’s been away for work, so I’ve had the apartment to myself. Having been married for less than a year and still being quite fond of my husband, I have to admit: Being alone for this time has been hard! It’s also been fun, though. Anyway, here are a few things that got me through those tough moments when I most longed to run into the other room and give him a wet willy.

Two Weeks by dirt on Polyvore.com

Two Weeks

  1. Watch Scrubs, Clean House, and What Not to Wear to your heart’s content.
  2. Call your mom. You can call Mom any time, but it’s especially good to hear her voice when you’re on your own for a couple days.
  3. Have long, intimate talks with your pet.
  4. Work out more often than you normally would.
  5. Take a bath, do your nails, and have a solo date.
  6. Stop on your way home from work. Have a cup of coffee, read, write and/or people watch at the local coffee shop.
  7. Rewind and re-watch that car commercial with the hamsters repeatedly because they are so cute.
  8. Take up the whole bed.
  9. Have a couple beers and go shopping at Target on a Sunday night. Come home with a new piece of furniture.
  10. Buy food and drinks that he doesn’t like and enjoy the opportunity to eat what you like for a week (or however long it is) without wondering what he’s going to eat. I could actually go on about this one for a while. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and pineapple, and I can never get that when we’re sharing. It’s not ruining my life or anything, but when I get a pizza all to myself, I never have to think long about what to order on it.
  11. Remember that you were a person before you were married and you’re still a person when he’s away.
  12. Read read read. Now, you know he’s not stopping you from reading when he’s here, but why would you sit still and look at a book when you could be bugging him? Or at least that’s how I see it. You don’t realize how much time you spend just bugging another person until they’re not around.
  13. Go shopping with his mom. Of course, that’s only if you’re lucky enough to have a mother-in-law you actually like. Lots of people don’t get along with their in-laws, so if you have good ones, be grateful. I am!
  14. Start a new project. Me? I’m working on a couple freelance things, and having those to focus on really takes my mind off the fact that I’d rather be snuggling.
  15. Make kitchen mistakes, like trying to poach fish and potatoes together, then realize your mistake, follow through anyway, eat what’s salvageable and complete your dinner with a slice of banana bread and some leftover candy from a party back in January.

Yep, I’ve almost survived the two weeks without him, and I’m pretty sure I’ll make it the next couple days, and I’ve even had fun. But I’m ready for him to come back. Let’s not be silly. I married him for a reason. I like the dude. I’ve had my fill of pepperoni-pineapple pizza, and now it’s time to compromise on dinner again for the sake of having someone to eat it with.

She plans to dress up for the apocalypse.
Sunny Day at the End of a Rainy Week

5 thoughts on “15 Things to Do When Your Husband’s Not Home (a TiLT in disguise)

  1. I live the single life M-F with Devin’s work schedule. I have to admit, I enjoy cooking whatever I want. I haven’t had to compromise with him regarding dinner in over a year, it’s going to be a huge culture shock when we start doing it again.

    Also, since I’m soon going to be leaving my mommy ( 🙁 ) I think I’m going to have to start following you and Nimby’s mom around, since my alternative isn’t …. well, friendly.

  2. The idea of having you two girlies around is pretty exciting. Imagine what trouble we can get into. Also Cas will have the two of you to admonish her when she is being “teenagery” and I’m at a loss!

  3. Just found this post through a google search. It was 3 years ago! Shocker.

    I can definitely relate- im home and hubby is out. Funny how bored we get without them 😛

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