A Bouquet of Creativity

How to Write About Your Life by Penelope Trunk

If You Don’t Ask, I Won’t Tell via InnyVinny

Oprah’s Dream Board (Yes, of course Oprah is getting in on it. She’s Oprah, yo!)

9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People from ProBlogger

Literature’s Most Mind-Blowing Drugs by Darragh McManus

The Art of Doing by Sarah Von

Write One Leaf: a Tumblr site for writing every day. Really nice writing prompts there!

Check Your Creative Pulse from the NAEA Monthly Mentor

How to Create Creativity from Six Revisions

Motivation Monday: The Blahs and How to Get Over Them from Creativity on a Mission (I just discovered this site, and I expect to keep revisiting it.)

So, how are you going to feed your creative soul this weekend?

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What’s with all the roaring?

Roar is the essence of being myself, or rather, it is how I express my essential beingness. Roar is what happens when I am most in touch with my core self. Roar is a reminder to get in touch with my core self.Roar is beyond thinking and worrying. Roar is beyond ego and spirituality and new age terminology and all the labels for all the parts of us. Roar is blood coursing in my veins. Roar is instinct. Roar is stomping around and eating things not out of some insane monstrous vengeance but because stomping around and eating things is what we do. Roar has no room for poetry. Roar is poetry. Roar does not try to be pretty or funny or scary or anything else. Roar is what the dinosaur says when it declares its place in the world. Roar is powerful simplicity. Roar is Tao. Roar is roar.

Roar art by Ceilidh Givan

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What are you waiting for?

In Your Room

“They are dying for new life. They are panting for the sea. They are living just for next month, just till this semester is past, can’t wait till winter is finally over so they can feel alive again, just waiting for a mystically assigned date somewhere in the future when they will be free to do some wondrous thing. They think they will die if they don’t … you fill in the blank. And there is a quality of mourning to it all. There is angst. There is bereftness. There is wistfulness. There is longing. There is plucking at threads in one’s skirt and staring long from windows. And it is not a temporary discomfort. It stays, and grows more and more intense over time.” Women Who Run With the Wolves p. 303

What is it?

What thing makes your life feel empty when it’s gone? What thing makes you feel like you’re not even in your own skin when it’s missing from your life? And what’s really stopping you from more fully connecting with that essential part of yourself?

I can’t answer the first questions for you, but I can answer the last one: Nothing. Nothing is stopping you.

And for another take on the same question, I give you …


I love the part where she is too big for that house. God. Have you ever felt like that? I mean, not in a drug induced way but in a real-life psychological sortof panic attack way? Like… “OMG I don’t know what to do with my life and I need to get out of this bizarre trap!”


Just me then?

*Photo Credit: Untitled Blue on Flickr

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