The Disappearing Blog Incident

Dear Friends,

Perhaps you noticed (perhaps not) that my blog went away abruptly last week. Turns out it was the last site still being hosted on a very old server that needed to be decommissioned, and the old box gave up the ghost unceremoniously on Friday afternoon when I unfortunately had more important things to attend to than getting the site back online. The bad news is that the server took my database with it, meaning I’m not sure if my old posts are recoverable. The good news is I have this amazing chance to start fresh. How often do we really get that in life?

Well, perhaps more often than you think. One could make an argument for starting fresh every day, and that is indeed part of what I try to do. But of course, every day we deal with the karma we created for ourselves the day before. Nothing is perfect, least of all us. The list of things I didn’t love about my blog was growing long and included not just some of the old content but the structure, design choices (or lack thereof), and the random mishmash of tags and categories I’d used back when I was unclear on the difference between them.

Anyway, I’m both excited and apprehensive about the task of recreating the site, not just to revive old blog posts and rehash old ideas, but to remake my little home on the internet. After all, I’ve been writing online since before people started calling it blogging. Maybe I can create here the space I wish I’d never let go of before. Maybe it can be a place for new possibilities.




  • Katrine

    I’ve been using your thoughts on the yoga sutras in my yoga classes. They are wonderful! I really hope you have a copy of them and can post them again!