Welcome to Our House on the Moon

I wrote this song last year when we moved into our new house. I always intended it to be like a theme song for the house, but I only recently got around to recording it. I made this little quickie version last night when I noticed the acoustics in our upstairs hallway were kinda nice, and I took advantage of the lyrics being literally written on the wall right there. (Yes, I need a cheat sheet to sing my own song.)

This is the second song I have fully written and recorded myself, and I’m pretty proud of it. Just a couple years ago, I couldn’t play the ukulele at all, and I certainly wasn’t actively composing music. The uke is just a brilliantly easy instrument to learn if you have a little patience and perhaps a friend who’s willing to show you a chord or two. Maybe one day soon I’ll record a slightly better balanced version of this with uke and vocals on separate tracks and less house echo.

One reason I want to share this song today in particular is that it’s the beginning of Pride month, and I am ready to celebrate. I haven’t always been very vocal about my own queerness for so many reasons. As a bisexual/pansexual (I have mixed feelings about terminology) a lot of people are convinced folks like me don’t even exist — that we’re faking it, lying to ourselves, or just morally degenerate and can’t be trusted with relationships. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle that people think bisexuals are somehow either fake or freaks, therefore bi people don’t want to come out and expose themselves to that kind of criticism, therefore people keep thinking that same trash. So, hey, newsflash: I’m queer, and I’m great. My house on the Moon, is a place where my family and I welcome and accept all of our friends and anyone who has the potential to become a friend no matter where they fall on the spectrum of humanity.

I hope you enjoy the song, and in case you’d like to sing along, I’ll type out the lyrics below. Feel free to add your own verses about your own unique family and your house on the moon and what makes it special. Everyone deserves a place where they feel safe to simply be themselves, and we aim to provide that for our friends at our house. This Pride month, whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally, I hope you find your own house on the moon. And if you can open your doors and your heart to make a safe place for others, I hope you do.

With much love and pride,


House on the Moon

We built a house on the moon
where we can be ourselves
with plenty room, a real nice view,
and books on all the shelves.

Welcome to our house on the moon!

We made friends with the aliens
or they made friends with us.
They thought we were pretty weird
but said it was a plus.

Welcome to our house on the moon!

We're gonna have a party.
We hope that you can come.
You can bring your girlfriends.
You can bring your mum.

We've got a couple rules here.
We ask that you be kind,
and if you use the kitchen,
please clean up behind yourself.

Welcome to our house on the moon!

Our friends make this house a home,
so please do come inside.
Everyone is welcome here,
so you don't have to hide.

Welcome to our house on the moon!