Eavesdropping on Conversations about Myself

On October 17th, while on my way to a wedding in Texas, I was treated to some unexpected entertainment in the airport thanks to an elderly couple who seemed not to understand that they were (a) in public and (b) speaking loudly enough for the whole airport to hear them. They were condescending and terrible enough to one another, so I didn’t take their opinions of me all that personally, but it seemed worth writing down, so here you go.

Him: Do you think that girl fell or did those pants come like that?

Her: They came like that.

Him: Do you get a discount for that?

Her: They probably cost more.

Him: You wouldn’t wear that, would you?

Her: Well, I have some jeans that area little ripped at the knee.

Him: Well, you wouldn’t wear that with me would you?

Her: Well, I have. Sure.

Him: No. Really?

Her: Of course, mine are a bit more tasteful than that.

The pants in question. Actually, they’re overalls if you need to know.

I don’t have much to say about this except perhaps a friendly reminder that if you’re traveling this holiday season, the people around you can generally see your behavior and hear your conversations, so if you don’t want people to think you’re a jerk or whatever, don’t act like one. Happy holidays!