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Dear Friends,

We’ve done it. We’ve survived another week. I’m working on some posts for you that are about big ideas and inspirational topics, but I can really get lost in that stuff, and the editorial process is sloppy, so please have patience. Meanwhile, here’s some of what’s giving me inspiration, joy, and deep thoughts this week.

My favorite thing this week was going to open skate Thursday night and iHop afterward. They were playing sweet late-80s hip hop at the rink, and you just don’t know happiness until you’ve skate danced to De La Soul’s “Me, Myself, and I.”

My most unexpected musical experience of the week is that my friend introduced me to this strange and gorgeous band. I was absolutely not prepared for how much I would like their sound, even if I don’t understand all the lyrics. Their whole aesthetic is rooted in Norse mythology, and they literally play bones so … you know, I could use that energy these days.

” The task of revolutionaries is to engage with our class and our people in true, authentic dialogue, reflection, and action. If we have dialogue and reflection without action, then we are little more than armchair revolutionaries. On the other hand, if we have only action without dialogue and reflection, we have mere activism.”

from “Pedagogy of the oppressed against Trump”

Pedagogy of the oppressed against Trump We are intentionally taught the values of capitalism throughout our schooling years. When we see starkly as adults that those values have failed us and we begin to wonder if we were indoctrinated in bad faith, where do we turn for a new thought and a new way of being? The more I learn about theories of government, the more I feel they are all irrevocably flawed, but not to educate ourselves and one another on what’s been tried so far is tantamount to giving up on what could be done next. And while the great animal of humanity seems tired, overwhelmed and unable to keep trudging forward, I think that’s because we’ve been fighting with our hands tied behind our backs all along. To educate ourselves and one another is to grasp the reins of our lives and communities.

Let’s remember the MLK who wasn’t liked from the Charlotte Observer — a reminder that meaningful and lasting change doesn’t come without pushing some boundaries. If we’re required to be liked all the time by everyone, that’s not much of a revolution, is it?

Laura Silverman describes her dream day in DC, and it is positively inspiring. Can I brag? This is one of my derby little sisters. She is walking proof that sober life can be wildly full of joy. Also, she’s cute as a button.

The Book All Prospective Adoptive Parents Need to Read. Adoption is a beautiful thing. It can also be traumatic. If you’ve ever considered adoption a possible option for your family, this book is super relevant. The review deals specifically with transracial adoption from the perspective of the adoptee — a powerful and necessary perspective.

Abuse Amnesia: Why we stay with abusive partners “Why don’t they just leave?” is a common form of victim blaming that haunts abuse survivors. This article explains the answer to that question — with science! Now we can stop asking that question and focus on helping people, right?

The Amazon Battle (Second Version) by Anselm Feuerbach

Amazon warrior women were real, and in related news, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I love you. Have fun. Be nice.



Correction: There is one more thing I absolutely must share.

Cock and Balls: A Photo Study of Rock Gods’ Packages in Very Tight Trousers — The ABBA photo, y’all. lol But also, Frank Zappa made me a little uncomfortable. Even though I would totally steal those stellar yellar pants.

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