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Being OK When You’re Not OK

Dear Friends,

It’s been a long time since I had an active podcast, but every time I talk with my friend Ayano, I think, “Dang, I wish I’d recorded what she just said!” Ayano is a sweet and thoughtful person, a meditator, climber, yoga therapist, and deeply compassionate friend. A couple weeks ago we sat down to record a session together in hopes of mining a little bit of goodness to share.

We started off the conversation talking about the idea of “being ok when you’re not ok,” because like everyone else who’s alive right now, we’re living through some weird stuff! We talked about how our bodies experience stress differently than our minds, and about how different embodied practices are helping us to cope with that.

Ayano shares her first experience with meditation, and it leads to further discussion about why introducing children to the practice is valuable and how meditation helps us cope with fear.

We talk about some of the challenges of communicating about abstract topics like meditation, emotion, compassion, and subtle lived experiences. What I love about this part of the conversation is how we make space for the imperfection of our communication. This leads to a further exploration of compassionate communication and having empathy for ourselves and others.

Toward the end, we discuss more specific, tangible ways to apply meditation and compassion as our global community begins the work of healing.

Y’all, I am so thankful for Ayano, and thankful to be able to share these moments with her and with you all. I hope this brings you some joy and maybe even a little peace.

Also, I can attest that Ayano does truly great work as a yoga therapist. She works with individuals and couples, and she even offers sessions online! So if you appreciate her presence as much as I do and are looking for an online therapy option, please visit her web site to connect!

Thanks so much for being part of the journey,




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