Anne Frank’s First Kiss

April flower

Today is the Anniversary of Anne Frank’s first kiss.

On April 15, 1944, her diary entry began, “There’s just one bad thing after another. When will it all end?” The day was full of bad news, fear, and the simple exhaustion of having lived in that little attic annex for nearly two years. But that night, she went to sit with her friend Peter to talk and enjoy the fresh air by an open window (they couldn’t leave it open during the day). He held her close for a long time and kissed her at last before she went to sleep. That kiss was the only thing she wrote about the next day.

She wrote:

Remember yesterday’s date, since it was a red-letter day for me. Isn’t it an important day for every girl when she gets her first kiss? Well then, it’s no less important to me.

Even in the midst of humanity’s darkest times, someone was falling in love. Two young people found companionship and support in one another. A kiss still made it a red-letter day. I think we owe it to Ms. Frank to remember that one time, she fell in love.


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