A Few Gems

Sit Illustrated: A charming little book about the struggles and benefits of meditation.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Leroy Stick of @BPglobalPR

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

The Book Inscriptions Project: This makes me want to go buy copies of my favorite books to give to everyone I know and write little inscriptions to tell them each why they got their particular book.

John Lacey is vlogging every day in July. Go cheer him on. Why? Because it’s an exercise in creativity, and we support that. Also, he’s giving me fun ideas for my own videos.

Ellie Di aka Jaka Merriman explains her long-time internet alias. As someone who’s still wielding dual identities from my life growing up online, I love this story and feel like it’s increasingly common as those of us who grew up online come of age. It’s also a rather beautifully written post.

Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600 is a book I must have. I love reading the letters in each issue, but I don’t have anything older than about 2000, so I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the old letters and the conversations that carry on from one issue to the next. I also really want to read The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey. This stuff is just so compelling to me!

The Inspiration Pad is a twisted little notebook that made my heart leap disconcertingly at first look. If you are one of those writers who’s strongly affected by tangibles (like the way I relate to music while writing), this book could be powerful for getting out of a rut, or it could make you completely insane.

Finally, yesterday, I had sushi at this great little place in Annapolis called Yama. It was a totally peaceful and soothing experience — exactly what I needed. My cold sake came in this perfect little bamboo pitcher.

So there you have it. Peace.

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    1. I actually LOVED the post, and I’m embarrassed to say I only just read it today, which is why I mentioned it today. I feel way behind on reading all of my regular blogs… Sorry about that!

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