actually, you’re already awesome

So, I just saw this:

I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t think it’s exactly accurate.

See, you’re already great. Maybe you just don’t know it, yet.

You’re great for showing up. You’re great for investing the energy in yourself. You’re great for having enough love for yourself that you will show up and do the work. You’re BRAVE. When you look in the mirror, you might see all your shortcomings and failures, but you keep going anyway. You are fully aware of your every flaw, and you may have beaten yourself up a lot, and you may struggle to love yourself sometimes, and yet here you are.

One of the most incredible things about being a yoga teacher is that I get to see students do this work, internal and external. They meet their physical limitations and then have to do the mental work to accept themselves and to kindly ask their bodies to go a little further. I get the extreme honor of seeing them bloom.

Greatness is not in your physical form. It’s not in your career. It’s not in money. It’s in you. All you have to do is show up and shine.

You Can't Force Flowers to Bloom
What if my only purpose here is to love?

One thought on “actually, you’re already awesome

  1. I like the sentiment too, but you’ve got a good point. I guess maybe it’s “You have to start to show your greatness.” I tend to get a bit caught up in “OMG what if I’m not actually great at all?!” Which makes me not start.

    You sound like you’re pretty great at helping others realize their own greatness. 🙂

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