Advice to Myself

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Celebrate other people.
Be excited about the fact that they are alive.
Be thrilled with the realization that they’re just like you.
Have compassion because they’re scared, too.
Love other people.
Handle them gently.
They’re as fragile as you.
Choose to make friends instead of enemies.

Loving makes you stronger.
The every day heartbreak of knowing what you stand to lose
won’t quite kill you.
But damn does it make you brave.

Look at things you don’t want to see.
That’s the work.

Reward yourself with laughter and orgasms
and really good food
because feeling good is healthy.

Let your heart get broken sometimes.
It’s good for you once or twice.
But after that, you risk doing permanent damage,
so pay attention and try to learn the lessons on the first pass.

Don’t be ashamed of learning things the hard way.
While everyone else took AP biology,
we took AP love, sex and morality.
No shame.
Shame is a lie that tells you your experiences are invalid.
Shame tells you your kind of wisdom is no good here.
Shame takes away your power to keep growing.
Fuck shame.

If you don’t look like their kind of pretty, be beautiful instead.
Be the bravest person you know.
Stop surrounding yourself with your betters.
Be their equal.
Be your whole self.

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