against martyrdom

Against Martyrdom by Durght

Our friend the martyr is finally
making his ultimate sacrifice.

May he choose to embrace the afterlife
and go on free as a ghost.

The myths the myths the myths are meaningless.
Don’t set yourself on fire, girl, just because the witches did.

The myths the myths the myths — They don’t stand on their own.
They are fingers pointing at the moon; not who we’re meant to be.

If I could tell you one thing, give you one gift,
it would be the knowledge:

You get one shot.
You get one shot.
You get one shot.

Take a good look at the altar where you’ve lain your heart.
Look closely at the dagger poised for crude dissection.
And where will the blood drain?
To whose fertile fields will it fall?
And where will you be when the crops grow? And who will they feed?

If I could give you one thing,
a gift too great for me to give,
it would be this:
the nerve to live.

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