All the Things She Couldn’t Say


For about a year, I really enjoyed writing on Post-It notes. I still like them because they’re really good for organizing and bla bla bla, but I had a sortof romantic, honeymoon-like creative period with Post-It notes for a while there. I would come home late at night from practice, unwind a bit, and then sit down to think with some Sharpie markers and a variety of Post-It notes near by. The notes I liked went into this sketchbook, and the ones I didn’t like ended up in the trash. The ones I thought other people might like, I posted on Instagram and Facebook, and a handful of people thought they were cool or interesting or funny maybe. Interestingly, my enjoyment of the project wasn’t really affected by whether other people liked it or not, so I kept going. Eventually, I wound up with this whole sketchbook full, and I titled it,

All The Things She Couldn’t Say

A Novel in Poetry on Post-It Notes via Instagram

Maybe That’s All There Is To It

Some Poems-ish

If at this point you think I have an unhealthy relationship with font sizes, you are correct. At least half of what I liked about this project was the simple pleasure of writing on bright pieces of paper with a dark marker. Ultra. Fucking. Satisfying.

Eventually the Post-It note thing played out for me, so I closed the sketch book and set it aside for six months or so, and then one day I decided to just post that shit. I’ve spent enough years in writing classes that I have overwhelming guilt about sharing, posting or publishing anything with out painfully laboring over multiple revisions, but I am also angry enough about the time I spent in school to disregard my teachers’ good advice. As I scanned all the pages in a fit of determination, I skipped maybe one page that just wasn’t working for me. A couple more pages got cut in the posting process for the same reason. The rest is below, with commentary, which you can choose to read or not.

  1. Poems. Free. Questionable Quality.
  2. Who is this “she” anyway?
  3. Speculation
  4. Always the Same Cowboy
  5. The trouble with being yourself… 
  6. And then it got weird.
  7. How you feel is not who you are. 
  8. Maybe when I’m older…
  9. Truth and fear.
  10. On Knowing Nothing
  11. writer rage
  12. suspect fuel
  13. guilt, pleasure, love and transcendence
  14. This isn’t a very good post, but at least it’s honest.
  15. You will think it is us.
  16. More Mistakes
  17. Or whatever.
  18. Change yourself, change the world.
  19. Bring it up for air.
  20. I’m not interesting or important, and neither are you.
  21. crocodile
  22. when sadness enters a room
  23. rejecting beauty
  24. rejecting compulsory girlhood
  25. on happiness and beauty
  26. I have strong feelings about this page...
  27. Exactly what it says.
  28. Trying too hard.
  29. Bad Advice Party
  30. The Finale