American Grief

American Grief by Durght

For our souls. For the things we don’t have anymore. For innocence. For fashion victims. For seasons. For clothes. For vegetable gardens and flower beds wilted through with all our forgetting to water and doing it later and never really looking at it. For nonsense and small talk.

For fresh air and vacation days. For long summer afternoons. for having no plans. For faith. For the Dream. For remembering our dreams. For fantasy. For what we don’t know. For long lost secrets. For extinct species. For language. For truth. For trust. For the illusion of non-partisan politics. For government. For Freedom and justice for all. For human faces. For the concept of freedom and human rights as not mutually exclusive. For organic beauty. For undesigned bodies. For laying on the grass in the sun looking up at the sky through squinted eyes at the warmest, purest blue.


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