Anger is the American Condition

This is me reading one of my favorite recent essays this morning while having my coffee. If you watch all the way through, you get to hear me sing for like 3 seconds.

I have this thing for making videos right when I wake up lately. I made this one while sitting on the floor in our front hallway because it was nice and sunny. Sorry the quality is so low, but I pretty much can’t stand using a regular video camera and then having to load the video on my laptop and edit and all that jazz.

Anyway, this relates back to that idea of embracing rage that I wrote about recently, so you can see how embracing what you feel and examining where it comes from leads to something more interesting than just stuffing it.

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I'm in love with Ru Paul is going away. is here to stay.

One thought on “Anger is the American Condition

  1. You be as dramatic as you like. As someone who’s one of those nice people you met during the overpriced education that’s not paying off (I’m even more in the hole), learned html waaay back in the day but doesn’t know shit now (though I still brag like I do), was never cool according to any definition of the word, hates hates HATES stuff, and feels a neurotic bipolar compulsion to simultaneously keep up with bloggingFacebookGooglePlusTwitterEtcEtc and to chuck it all … I get this. It’s nuts. We’re nuts. The world’s nuts. Now please let me earn a living doing what I know I can do.

    Oh, I get the run-on sentence thing too, obviously.

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