at the flea market

wpid-2014-05-10-16.09.45.jpg.jpeg Here is my paragraph for today. I went to Patterson Park in Baltimore, a city I don’t know very well, and stood at a table with some people I like and their dogs. I was feeling quiet because some days are like that, so I did a lot of listening, a little bit of dog-petting, and a lot of wondering whether to keep my sunglasses on or take them off.

They’re not even my sunglasses. I sorta stole them from my mother-in-law’s minivan. They are black with rhinestones. I love/hate them. I have another pair of sunglasses that I found in Dolores Park in San Francisco. They were just lying in the grass. I put them on because I have no regard for sanitation and a pretty good immune system. They were all wobbly. Had probably been stepped on once or twice and jostled around in someone’s backpack for months. But I liked the way they looked. I wear a lot of things that are probably ugly.

At the flea market today, I bought a dress. It’s long, red, satin with some rhinestones and embroidery. I thought it was beautiful, but I think my mom might call it trampy. It was a size eight, and the woman said it was cut tight so you couldn’t wear any panties beneath it or anything. We were standing outside, and it was humid, and I thought about sweating in that dress. I almost didn’t buy it.

I took a break from writing to try the dress on. I may never have the nerve to wear it in public, but it’s gorgeous.

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