being a literary hater turns out to be rather unsatisfying

I’m thinking about deleting all the book reviews from the blog. Not like deleting them into a digital black hole or anything but just … removing them.

I wrote most of those during grad school, which feels like a long time ago, now. And I wrote them with the idea in my head that to be a critic, one should be critical. That is, I thought it needed to be unkind or at least to find flaws (even in a polite academic tone), and I feel now that that’s not really the point. We’re not in a university here, and reading isn’t always about nit-picking the author’s metaphors. Furthermore, I don’t really like being mean to other writers.

I would rather write about books I really enjoyed and why than to rant about something I didn’t like or worse, to look for flaws in a perfectly nice book just so I can feel justified as a critic.

In other words, I don’t wanna be a hater.

Anyone else have opinions on that?

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One thought on “being a literary hater turns out to be rather unsatisfying

  1. I think it’s a good exercise in making this year a formative one. Cutting back on the unnecessary snark could be a step in the right direction. Don’t get caught up in thinking that all criticism and snark is bad, though. Sometimes, a book (or person) just sucks.

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