best journal entry titles from 2011

I’ve kept a journal most of this year using OmmWriter, which is a pretty simple and enjoyable writing application. Tonight, I’ve been reading through them. I tried to use descriptive file names rather than just dates to keep track of what I wrote and when. Here are some of my favorites from the list:

these are my thoughts but i don’t believe them.omm

i have a lot of time to fuck around.omm

snowy morning sat nam.omm

i don’t need to change anything.omm

that depends on your definition of real.pomm

manager pose.omm

skipping vinyasa after happy hour.omm

a history of being too honest.omm

heart shaped bundt cake friendship.omm

PMS and Prayer.omm

the most brilliant of standing ovations.omm

family members you don’t know.omm

witches feminists and drugs.omm

waiting for normalcy.omm

hog tied and blind folded.omm

that burning feeling is in my mind.omm

the shape of this thing my life is becoming.omm

meditation and masturbation.omm

bored after the hurricane.omm

sexual entropy.omm

so much has changed yet nothing has changed.omm

play a new game — the 99 percent.omm

i crave experience.omm


what i’m most afraid of.omm

that we exist
Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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