Saturday Special: Sutra Soup

atmosphere of a Tibetan monastery .... Tharlam Monastery shrine room at break, light filtered by incense, with western Tibetan Buddhist student reading, Bodhisattva Vows day, Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Has your yoga teacher been talking about sutras and some guy named Patanjali lately? If you want to know more about the philosophy behind your yoga practice, join me on my journey through the sutras with a new reflective essay on them each week.

For example …

  • 1.1: Beginning the Journey (and beginning again)
  • 1.2: Quieting the Mind
  • 1.3: The Unchanging Self
  • 1.4: Keep Your Head On
  • 1.5 & 1.6: The Importance of Vocabulary
  • 1.7: Where’d You Learn That?
  • 1.8: Don’t Let a Misconception Ruin Your Day
  • 1.9: Be Careful What You Believe

When I started practicing yoga 14 years ago, my teacher often suggested that we read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or the Bhagavad Gita. But as a beginning student, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of translations out there, not to mention most of the writing seemed pretty dry to me. I’m still a far cry from an expert on the sutras, but by sharing what I’ve learned with you, I hope to point you in the direction of wisdom.

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Saturday Special: A Different Way to Be

Dare to be different

The best thing about having pink hair is that everywhere I go, little girls point, stare, and smile. Today, while stopped at a traffic light, I noticed a little girl in the car next to me waving out her window. I smiled back, and she shouted, “I like your pink hair!” Her mom was mortified, poor thing, but I didn’t mind. I never intended my hair to be a huge feminist statement, but I know I don’t fit the beauty standards that Hollywood and the fashion industry are pushing, so it makes me happy when little girls look at someone like me and see a different way to be. And if they feel confident enough to step outside their box and give a stranger a compliment, more power to ’em!

Yep, I’ve got the warm fuzzies today. So, here’s what I’m loving online this week. 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend. Remember to be kind.

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Saturday Special: Oops, is it Sunday already?

Lazy sunday afternoon, I've got no mind to worry, close my eyes and Drift away

I collected this week’s Saturday Special links in advance, knowing I’d be busy with my folks all weekend, but things got busy and I forgot to post it. Oops! Well, I’ve been having a really nice holiday weekend with my parents, and I hope you’re having a good time, wherever you are. I hope you’re surrounded by people you love who appreciate you. I  hope you are safe, happy, and enjoying every moment.

Without further ado, here are my favorite bits from the internet this week:

And if there’s one little bit of wisdom I can share with you today, it would be this: Act with love. Try to see yourself reflected in everyone you meet — your own insecurities, your own little joys. We really are all the same, so act with love.


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The Saturday Special: A Sunny Wake-Up Call

@tswiers13 @correlliful @tabbyjo_co Happy Friday! #happyfriday #friends #colorado #autumn #joy #yoga #light

Good morning, sunshine! The weather has suddenly taken a turn for the cooler here in Maryland, and it’s been nothing but blue skies and crisp air for days now. I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like a gentle wake-up call from the universe — summer won’t last forever, time moves quickly, better wake up and enjoy life while we can!

What are you doing with these last days of summer? As for me, I think I figured out how to write a book that’s been lurking in the shadows for the past two years (!!) so I think I’m going to make my coffee and take my work in progress out for some fresh air.

Meanwhile, here are a few tasty bits of internet for your delectation.

  • Write Against the Machine Episode 16: Staying Motivated When Inspiration Wanes — Ellie and I talk about how to work through slumps in inspiration and motivation. Even your favorite projects will have challenges and snags, and you’ll need to be prepared to handle it.
  • If you’ve ever taken my online yoga class, please fill out this simple 10-question survey to help me improve it. I’ll soon be adding streaming and possibly video on demand for the classes, and I want to be sure I’m doing the best possible job when that happens!
  • I’ve updated my studio teaching schedule, and I’d love to see you in class any time. If you’re in the area, why don’t you drop in some time?
  • The world’s oldest living yoga teacher turned 95 this week — this is what I call a beautiful woman.
  • Can you be too big for yoga?
  • Shit book snobs say — perfect.
  • Oh, and BIG NEWS, you guys. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross have another round of Bodysex workshops coming up in Manhattan this fall. My experience in this workshop was absolutely transformative, and I do recommend it to any woman who is interested. Rumor has it these may be the last of the workshops, so please take this opportunity to meet and learn from the inimitable Betty Dodson. It will change your life.

Ok, babes, go on out into the world and do good things. Set your intention for yourself: What can I give myself today, and what can I give to the world today? It can be as simple as a smile, but do it with all the love in your heart, and the world will be a better place because you are in it.


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The Saturday Special: Unreasonably Happy Edition


Hey guys,

This has been the kind of week during which I feel constantly on the verge of happy tears, kinda like the last time I went to San Francisco. It’s the kind of week that’s so good I’m not sure I can handle being this happy for this long. Like the dopamine receptors in my brain are actually worn down and going, “Dude, can we just calm down a minute?”

Ellie and I have done a ton of work on our podcast, Write Against the Machine, and I’m really proud of how it’s looking. I’ve been managing the tech side of things with backup from my genius husband while Ellie has whipped the design into shape. Check out them sexy graphics, right? This week, we released Episode 4: Creative Super Friends, Assemble! This episode is all about how to build up your creative circle of friends with people who both support and challenge you.

AND I started teaching online yoga classes. I was mentally prepared for a lot of snags and hangups, but once we got started, it was super easy and fun! If you missed the first one, don’t worry: I’ve added more classes to the schedule already. Right now, online classes are just on Thursday, but I’m considering adding another day. If you want to put in your vote for a particular day or time, let me know in the comments!

Finally, here are the tasty bits from the rest of the internet: 

That’s it for me this week. I hope you’re all well and happy. Take good care of yourselves!


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