Derby Diary: No longer nameless?

Quality time with Mao, Anna and Hanna.

The derby dream lives on, but thanks to a lot of cold weather and slush, I haven’t gotten out much. In lieu of watching the Super Bowl, we had a bearing-cleaning party here at the house during which I only broke two bearings. Turns out that if you hold a bearing up and spray directly through it with canned air, you can pop the balls right off the track and send them flying across the living room. Who would’ve known? (We followed the instructions on this blog post, which I found really helpful.)

However, my parents sent me a ridiculous gift certificate for my birthday, which I finally got the chance to use: New toe stops, helmet, laces, bearings, toe guards, and a better mouth guard — awe yeah, I got some sexy, sexy tooth protection. Of course, that kind of haul called for an afternoon of skate maintenance, in which I learned how to replace said toe stops (Gumballs) and attach the guards. (Confession, I am pretty much in love with my skates and take like a dozen photos of them every time I do maintenance.)

The beers in this photo have nothing to do with the reason I broke two bearings.

Oh, and I may have found my derby name: Rainbow Smite*. According to everyone I know on Facebook, it’s a pretty good name, and we all know a casual poll of our Facebook friends is a good way to make decisions, right? The name might also have to do with why my gear is all mismatched — I want to wear all the colors. Anyway, choosing a name now might be a little presumptuous as I haven’t actually made a team yet, but I’m pretty invested, and I think there’s a decent chance I will make it to fresh meat status.

Finally, I have cleared one major hurdle that I hadn’t mentioned before: I got health insurance. Or rather, I discovered that I already had health insurance but didn’t realize it because of some combination of paperwork and communication error. That’s a huge relief because you absolutely have to have insurance to play on any of the WTFDA leagues, and I was afraid it was going to be a major expense. Plus, it’s something I really ought to have considering that my job involves a ton of physical activity. The possibilities for me to get hurt are numerous, and after that back injury a few weeks ago, I really didn’t want to be more seriously hurt in the future and unable to get treatment. So, as a responsible adult, I’m pretty pumped that I can now make an appointment for a check up, which I haven’t had in a little while. Wooo! Go team grownup!

*It turned out Rainbow Smite is taken, so I’ve been brainstorming for a new name ever since.

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