Dreams of Lions Mating

This morning, I dreamed I was at the zoo.

The lions were mating out in the open in their “habitat.” The crowd was standing around, mouths agape, like an illustration from a Curious George book.

I went to the side of the habitat/exhibit, and I found there was no fence. It was wide open, and the lions could come out at any time, and the people could go in, only none of them knew it.

I stood at the opening in the gate and watched as the lion bit the back of the lioness’s neck to officially begin their mating ritual.

The lions passed so close by me that I could’ve touched them, or they could’ve eaten me. But we kept our distance.

What will I do now that I know I can go into the lion’s cage …

Or let the lions out.

Poem for my sister on the birth of her daughter
carry on

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