Eat All the BonBons! (also known as Podcast 3)

ellie and mary

Woo! Check this out! I finally figured out how to host the podcast on my own site! I’ll work on getting this baby listed on iTunes and everything soon, but for now, I present to you our third and longest podcast so far: Eat All the BonBons! (I’m strictly capitalizing the middle B because I think it’s pretty … and to irritate perfectionists.) Listen or download here.

Atelier photo, sweet mini chamallow, 15.03.08

In this episode, we reveal our secret fear of the word “housewife,” (or at least my fear), talk about money and other ways to find value in your work, and as usual, use the F-word a lot. I think you’re gonna love it.

A few highlights…

Ellie: A modern housewife is not the same as a 1950s housewife. Most of the people who are stay at home spouses, whether you’re male or female, are either taking care of kids or doing entrepreneurial work or are writing books and doing their art.
Mary: Unless they’re on a reality tv show.

Ellie: If you get stuck in the doldrums, you lapse into that sense of apathy, and that’s how everything goes south. But I think most people who end up in the housewife(person) situation will move in some way.

Mary: I remember the moment I got a raise at my job and knew for the first time in my life that if I didn’t have anyone else to support me, I would be ok. … Trusting another person to support you in some ways feels like a step backwards.


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3 thoughts on “Eat All the BonBons! (also known as Podcast 3)

  1. Thank you for mentioning me in the podcast! I’m glad I come across as having it all together, because I certainly don’t feel it most days.. especially when I have to pause a client meeting to take care of my baby! If you two ever want another housewife in on the conversation, let me know.

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