I don’t even know how I hurt myself.

tennis court rules
Most of my favorite things are against the rules here.

This week has been both awesome and terrible.

Last Friday, Jenn and I decided to get some skating practice at the tennis courts near her house. It was a rare sunny day, so we got to practice drills without the interference of a bunch of kids around. Granted, we’re not technically allowed to skate on the tennis courts, but hopefully the neighbors won’t mind.

The next day, we celebrated my birthday with a bunch of friends by going to watch the DC Rollergirls bout. I’ve finally started understanding the rules and recognizing some of the techniques the skaters are using, which makes watching the bouts a lot more fun. However, I can now differentiate between the few skills I recognize and can do and … well, everything else. Let’s just say derby looked a lot easier when I didn’t know anything about it.


I’m even more motivated to practice than I was at the start, but I somehow managed to tweak my back pretty badly this week. Between shoveling snow, sleeping on an old mattress and teaching four yoga classes on Monday, it hasn’t gotten better. Now, I’m sitting at home in so much pain folding laundry is nearly impossible, which means skating tonight is probably out of the question.

To make matters worse, I discovered the next Charm School is on the same date and time as a presentation I promised to give two months ago. Even though Charm School is only two hours, that time practicing with the big kids is pretty important. The feedback they give is so much more helpful than just skating around on my own. Seeing them do the stops and drills and mimicking their form (a lot like how I learned yoga at the very beginning) really helped me gain some confidence on my skates. With this being the only remaining Charm School between now and tryouts on March 1, I’m pretty gutted about missing it, but obviously I need to keep the commitment I made.

BUT THERE’S HOPE! Turns out the DC Rollergirls are starting their rec league, soon, which involves a series of class/practices that seem like a good place to learn. So the executive decision for this week is to stay home, take some Ibuprofen, plan my presentation, and commit to participating in the DC events in February. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch cartoons in an attempt to stop feeling pain for the next several hours.

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