If a Tree Falls and You’re Not on Twitter

Snorting some of that Pixydust.

It’s funny how no one misses you on the internet. It’s a weird thing to admit, but if a tree falls and you’re not on Twitter, no one cares if it makes a sound. Granted no one cares about most of the digital content we consume on a daily basis. We all kinda go numb to it on some level, don’t you think? We binge on bad news, celebrity gossip and the salacious details of other people’s private lives. We consume media in much the same way that I used to eat sugar as a child — by the spoonful and straight out of the bag. Social media is intellectual Pixy Stix, and what I’m looking for is like … Avocados. Let’s stretch this metaphor beyond its reasonable limit and say I would like to experience and create the intellectual equivalent of the farmers’ market online. I would like to live in a world where digital content is not just soundbites whizzing through space at the speed of your next nervous breakdown. I know our society is geared toward doing things quickly all the time. It was hard to just slow down today, and after I relaxed most of the day, I felt like the most abominable slacker. But I just don’t think most of us are capable of fully processing information and experiences at the rate we feel compelled to take them in, which is interesting. I guess that’s how evolution works — we are always reaching for something just beyond our reach.

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2 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls and You’re Not on Twitter

  1. I’m not on twitter, but I miss hearing from some regular FBers if they go offline for a few days. I had the same experience when I was an active member of the blogosphere. I know what you’re saying about so much white noise out there on SN, but some voices i enjoy hearing from regularly, especially the ones who don’t live in the same town as me.

    1. Same here, E. I just have to step away now and then to get my head on straight about it all. And it does seem to me that there are a lot of people who never step away. It’s no wonder to me that many people seem so harried all the time. Not only are they thinking about all the stuff going on in their personal lives but they’re hyper aware of the rest of the world, too, thanks to social media. I suspect a lot of us need to work on finding some balance in order to just stay functional!

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