I’m not interesting or important, and neither are you.

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stop just-in-casing.

We fool ourselves if we think we are interesting.

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Because I am human, I find my own life to be the most interesting and important thing in the world. Others’ lives are interesting to me to the degree that they affect me materially, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Understandably, most humans try to become interesting or important to others, generally by endearing ourselves to them or by otherwise proving valuable.

What we call service to others is often a desperate attempt to save our own souls. We don’t want to be party to a world full of suffering.

Commentary: This might sound like some borderline Ayn Rand shit, so lemme interject here. In the grand scheme of things, each one of us is pretty small and pretty unimportant, so first and foremost, I’m taking a shot at the absurd self-importance of humans (myself included). As for talking about service to others … Much of what we do to help others really is kindof disingenuous. We choose actions that make us personally feel better even if we haven’t particularly helped anyone else. That doesn’t mean I don’t think we should help others.


Bring it up for air.

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