Journal Entry in the Coffee Shop: Love Tactic

The last thing I read before going to sleep last night was a quote about how there is no limit to the love in our beings. We have an infinite source of love that we can access freely. I first thought of the people to whom I would like to give that love because I want them to have that experience. Then I realized I want that love, too, and if the source is infinite, then I can afford to lavish a bit of it on myself. I fell asleep easily as I thought only of receiving, accepting, and allowing love to happen in my life. No limit. It’s so plain and obvious as to seem nearly absurd. It’s not a magic trick or a fairy tale. It’s absolute fact. Love is perhaps the only totally infinite resource. The more of it we use, the more of it we create.

New tactic: Practice love to bring more love.

more thoughts on loving... what if?
George Carlin, Ladies and Gentlemen

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