This isn’t a very good post, but at least it’s honest.

Scan 32

I don’t know. It’s like life wasn’t real enough. When nothing hurt, I got nervous. Some humans were made to survive in frightful environments. We don’t know what to do when it’s quiet.

I have been practicing for a very long time.

One thing I do at the end of most days is critique my performance. I have got to stop doing that. Or I have to stop taking it so personally.


Commentary: This is just a bit of a journaling page, I guess. Anxiety thoughts and realizing that I have to stop beating myself up about every damn thing. I’m mostly only including this page because if I start allowing myself to disqualify pages willy nilly I’m going to come up with reasons to stop this whole publication process. Sorry for the not-very-interesting post.

You will think it's us.
guilt, pleasure, love, and transcendence

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