Let Go and Find Flow


Let go of what you don’t need in order to receive what you do need.  Start with the breath. Every inhale you receive is new life, new breath, new energy. And on every exhale you let go.

The moon is full now. Take a snapshot of your life the way it is today. Mental clutter. The state of the living room. How are your relationships doing?

Make a note: What would I like to let go of right now? Start with the obvious stuff: The t-shirt you’ve had since high school that there’s absolutely no reason to ever wear again. The stack of magazines on your bookshelf you’re never going to read. And while you clean out the gunk in your house, maybe you could clear some cobwebs in your head. The physical task of organizing, sorting and scrubbing the heck out of choice household items has the mystical power of also helping to sort one’s thoughts.

You may notice that the clutter in your house closely reflects the clutter in your mind. Get rid of a lot of stuff if you need to. If you are able to trim down your time commitments, let go of anything that isn’t a productive use of your time. If you have friends you constantly complain about to your other friends, either spend less time with those people or stop being a gossip. Listen to the things you say and cut out anything that casts you as the type of person you wouldn’t like.

You will begin to notice that you’ve made room in your life. Maybe you cleared off a whole book shelf or pared down your wardrobe to a small collection of things you actually like. Maybe you bought yourself some much-needed free time in the middle of the week. Maybe you occasionally hear silence where there was a lot of talking before.

Do not rush to fill these spaces. Life has a way of piling up on you, so just breath into the space right here and now, and try to go with the flow.

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