Monday Night Nonfiction: Tomorrow is World AIDS Day

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. I hope you will celebrate it by not getting AIDS or HIV.

Does that sound flippant? Let me try again.

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, please use condoms.

If you won’t use condoms, please don’t have sex.

If you are in a position to educate others about safe sex, please do.

If you have friends, encourage them to respect themselves and their partners by practicing safe sex.

Yes, that includes abstinence, but people need real information to work with … just in case.

If you know someone who has AIDS or HIV, love them. Let them know you love them. Let them know they are not diminished by their disease.

If you are donating to a research fund for the treatment and prevention of AIDS and HIV, good for you. I’m glad you’re doing that.

But remember that there is no replacement for human love.

Does that sound crazy?

We do this research because of love. We love humanity, and we don’t want each other to suffer.

Show people your love by protecting them from diseases — through safe sex, through education, through testing and generally responsible behavior.

Show your love by knowing there is more to love than sex.

Show your love by being a friend no matter what.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Night Nonfiction: Tomorrow is World AIDS Day

  1. I always forget about AIDS. It’s not that I’m unsympathetic; it was a big cause way back when I was single and worried about it and when I knew people who died from it.

    Having a child has brought this issue back. At the very least, I’ll discuss AIDS with my daughter tonight.

    The poor children. They have so much to worry about—getting kidnapped or raped or both, getting diseases, dying after a single experiment in drug use, contracting genital warts and cervical cancer.

    All of these things were possibilities for us. How did we survive our youth without sufficient fear? Where’s the line between a healthy respect for consequences and a fear of them?

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