Monday Night Nonfiction: Yeah, I can hear that.

I think the greatest value of art, and maybe the only real value of art is that in it, we find comfort, and through it, we can reach out to one another. Art is the epitome of what makes us human, and when we practice art or appreciate it, we are making one another less alone in our humanity.

A friend suggested I should write a letter to my younger self and read it every time I start to beat myself up about the past. Yeah, well … I’m working on that. But until then, here are some songs.

And goodnight.

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One thought on “Monday Night Nonfiction: Yeah, I can hear that.

  1. That takes me back. I think I listened to “Ode to My Family” about ten million times in high school.

    And yeah. Totally. The more I just practice art, instead of stressing about it, the better I feel. Even if no one comments on it or seems to care about it, lately I’m comforted just by putting it out there.

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