my social skills fail me again

Here’s a story.

This one time, at a bar back home, I ran into two guys who had been friends with my brother in high school. I had a kindof ridiculous crush on one of them back in the day, which was odd because he wasn’t that cute or anything, but he was cool and he was older, and when you’re 14, that carries a lot of weight. Anyway, we’ll call him Guy A.

So, at the bar, Guy B is like “Yeah, Guy A used to always talk about how hot the thought you were,” or something like that. It was super awkward because at the time he said this, I had just become engaged. So, I was flattered, but also totally not interested. So, I said something equally awkward like, “That’s really nice, but I really don’t wanna know … you fucking pedophile.” (Dudes, I’m sorry. It seemed like a good idea at the time… in the bar…)

I was totally joking, and I was actually flattered, but I’m pretty sure that guy will never ever talk to me again. Oops.

Is the writing process anything like pasturization?
perhaps a symptom of a larger problem

6 thoughts on “my social skills fail me again

  1. If you fuckers are talkin’ about me and my “hangin wallet crew” I’ll have you know that plenty of 14 yr olds would of been super stoked to hang w/ our crew. We keep our money like we keep our buddies sisters- ON A SHORT LEASH!

  2. I’m afraid there are a lot of ppl in my home town who hate me b/c I don’t censor myself very well when (a) i’m drinking or (b) i think i’m funny.

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