Not So F.A.Q.

Why do you call yourself Dirt?

In college, my friends would play video games pretty aggressively, and a lot of people tried to have serious or scary sounding names. I thought it was kinda silly, so I would name my characters silly things like Fitted Sheet and Spatula. One day I decided to build an MMO character named Dirt Bucket. I thought it was hilarious. No one else laughed. That made it even funnier to me, so I decided to just use Dirt as my handle forever. It stuck. I like the name because it’s weird, vaguely funny but also confusing to some people, and it’s not gender specific.

Then why are you also called Polly?

Well, actually, it’s not Polly like a bird, it’s Poly like polyamory. One “L.” I’m called Poly Wanna Crackya at derby, which most people shorten to Poly. It makes me happy to represent the poly community when I’m skating. It’s important to me to be visible and normalize polyamory. I’ll write more about that some time when I’m ready, but it’s kindof a broad subject and might take a while.

Ok, but you sign your letters, “Mary…”

Yeah, true. Dirt and Poly are both just nicknames. Granted, Dirt is actually what I’m called at home at least half the time. Mary is what I’m called by my parents and by strangers. I sign my letters that way because it feels right. I  might not always.

So, what is this blog actually about?

I don’t know. What is your life about? This is my place to write my letters to the world, literally, and to share what I’m creating or what’s on my mind any given week.

Are you gonna start selling stuff, promoting products, or running ads?

Probably not. I do this for the love of it, not for money. I make my money elsewhere, and my art is not for sale. And I absofuckinglutely do not do sponsored posts. I’ve gotten emails from brands asking for promotional posts “for exposure” or some shit in the past and let me just head you off at the pass with that one: the answer is no. If I write another book or someone I support a lot does things I want to share because I really believe in the project, then yeah, maybe.

What happened to all of your old posts?

They went away. My server died, and we were able to recover a backup of the database, but it’s partly corrupted and I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to bring back some of the old content. Also, a lot of things got deleted when I went through a complicated period of depression and writer’s block and I felt a lot of shame about my work that I deemed not good enough. I’m pretty sad about that loss, but let’s just move forward.

Do you still teach yoga or practice yoga therapy?

Nope. Not right now. At this moment in the journey, it feels more important to live the lessons and dedicate myself to my own practice than to be a teacher or therapist in any traditional sense. I adore teaching and facilitating growth for others, though, so there’s a good chance it will come back into my life in other ways. I’m just waiting to see what form it takes this time.