What Do You Deserve?

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In the realm of manifesting and positive thinking, people like to talk about what they deserve. I keep seeing and hearing the statement, “I deserve the best, and I accept the best now.” That’s a nice thought, I guess, but I can’t say it out loud without rolling my eyes. So, I wanna talk for just a second about what we deserve.

What I deserve is not about how the world treats me. It’s not about whether you like me, pay attention to me, give me compliments, look forward to seeing me, cook me dinner, buy me presents or anything else.

What I deserve is about how I treat myself.

I don’t deserve to sit around waiting for someone to acknowledge me, laugh at my jokes, or decide they want to sleep with me. I don’t deserve to beg the powers that be for a little extra cash in exchange for the precious hours of my life.

What I deserve is to do the work of my dreams, to live the brilliant life that is handed like a shining gift to all humanity, to luxuriate in the richness of every moment, to honor myself not because I am the queen of my own dominion but because I am a manifestation of the divine, electric, scientific, evolutionary, revolutionary, life-affirming, fire-starting, world-changing spark that is alive in all of us.

I deserve to live that reality fully because anything less is a goddamned shame.

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