Poetry for Your Personal Apocalypse (the poem that started it all)

Last night, I made a list of apocalyptic words and wrote what I think will be the first poem in my 2013 collection: Poetry for Your Personal Apocalypse. 

The other day, I sortof jokingly mentioned on Twitter that I want to write a collection of post-apocalyptic poetry for 2013, but the more I thought about it, the funnier and more amazing it sounded. I’m seriously thinking I want to do this. At Risk, the collection of poems and essays that I put out this year, isn’t really a coherent collection. It’s more like a sampler tray of the types of writing that I do. On the other hand, Dirty Water Coffee is a more curated collection with all the essays working toward a central theme. I’ve never really attempted to do that with poetry before, although I went through a phase in junior high where I wrote very dark little poems based on photos of fashion models wearing scary futuristic goth outfits. Anyway, this would be more intentional.

Here’s the poem that started it all. Maybe I will edit later. I dunno.

poetry for your personal apocalypse

I love the human heart
the monster heart
the alien heart
the eyes of the heart — colorless
blind to all but the shine
of the true true truth.

I love the human heart,
the thing that bubbles up,
the submarine breaching
the surfacing to view
of oceanic you
the glitter
of a thousand mirrors
shattered on the sea.

prepping the apocalyptic poetry
Happy NaNoWriMo, everyone!

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