prepping the apocalyptic poetry

Today, I’m listening to this music and brainstorming about my idea for Poetry for Your Personal Apocalypse. I went on Flickr for some ideas…


I started thinking about the meaning of this apocalypse idea that we’ve been batting around for centuries, about all the things we fear the most…

These Burdens

Bathroom Graffiti

But I don’t want to just wallow in the grief and fear that fuels this end of the world madness. I think poetry is meant to get us through it.

Art for Healing 004

houston rain on the lonely bicycle : manhattan (2004)

I think this project is about finding the goodness amidst what feels like insurmountable negativity, which is sortof what life in general is about in this world.

It’s ambitious, I admit. We’ll see how far I get with it.

What I'm Reading: God is Dead, 1
Poetry for Your Personal Apocalypse (the poem that started it all)

2 thoughts on “prepping the apocalyptic poetry

  1. I wonder if there isn’t something inevitable about apocalypse – on an environmental level, at least. Though I imagine we will all be long since dead and buried when that happens. And in the interim it proves desirable to err on the side of non-apocalypse. I mean if there is an apocalypse everyone will be dead, no one will be around to tell you you were wrong. But if you say it is coming and it doesn’t, well…

    But I wonder too if it isn’t borne out of a sense of powerless and disillusionment and a desire to connect with something bigger – paranormal, religious, whatever… I mean imagine if something inexplicable happened. And then imagine if it didn’t. The drudgery of every day life continues with it’s fiscal cliffs and recessions and unemployment.

    So perhaps you’re right. Perhaps we do need something. Good luck with your project!

  2. I don’t believe we will see an apocalypse in the biblical sense of the whole world ending and everyone dying at once. I don’t think we’re headed to some kind of action movie future. Yet, as a species, we seem to be fascinated with this idea. Why? Maybe we over estimate our importance as individuals and the significance of our own era. We forget that this has all been going on longer than any of us can remember, so when we’re experiencing something scary we feel like it’s a sign of the end times. That’s why I’m writing about “your personal apocalypse.” In the end, it’s all about our personal moments of fear and suffering, and I think poetry is a way to cultivate and communicate compassion, which is what we really need. Maybe not the only thing we need, but I know without it everything else is useless.

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