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While I don’t typically like to do roundup style link posts, I LOVE to read them on other people’s sites. Also, I occasionally find a handful of things that seem really amazing and important to share. So, here are some things I’ve really enjoyed lately that I hope you’ll like, too.

Famous Historical Figures Who Self-Published is a short and sweet article about the great American tradition of self-publishing. I love it, and it’s so true! We don’t like to wait for the approval of others in this country.

I’ve finally been able to put my blog addiction to good use by working on a new blog for Golden Heart Yoga. Go check out what we’ve got happening over there. I’ll be adding teacher profiles and more articles in the coming days and weeks.

YOU NEED TO READ this article by Ashley Judd. Whether you’re male or female, stop and take a serious look at how you think about women, women’s bodies, and women’s sexuality.

Rabbit White is one of the women who inspire me, and one reason I love her is that she can make me pause and give serious thought to things that most people will never even acknowledge, and she manages to balance a great sense of humor with openness and intellectual curiosity. I want to give her such huge congratulations on her new gig writing for Jezebel, and I hope a lot more people will check out what she’s got going on.

A study has shown that yoga practice improves the mental state of teenagers … more so than regular PE class — go figure! I knew this was true from my own experience because I discovered yoga when I was 16 and in desperate need of an attitude adjustment, but I’m so glad to see the idea catching on.

Ellie Di has started her Inside Outside spring cleaning series, and I love it! She’s got an amazing bunch of people lined up, and I’m honored to be part of it. You can look for my guest post later this month, and the associated e-course will begin on May 3. If you like what Ellie is doing on her blog, you will love working with her for this course.

Bikch, please!” Bikram says women should only open their legs in an emergency? LAWL! Lemme give you a few emergencies, ok?

P.S. YogaDork is completely rocking my world these days. Did you see their response to Yoga Journal’s talent search? If there’s one thing to learn from this gallery, it’s that yoga is not about “talent.” It’s about being who you are RIGHT THIS SECOND, and these yogis and yognins are doing it right!


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  1. Aah! Thanks for the shout-out! The fact that you included me with the DLP video is terribly amazing. Also, I started reading You’ll Have That, but now I have to read the whole archive before I can add it to my roster. I hate you forever. And also love you. <3

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