I cannot be a victim of an unnamed crime.
Spent the day mourning the obliterated star of my youth
Sat on my opus like an old man
Used the word opus not quite ironically.
I don’t have a word for this, I said at 33.
Flaunted my bad vocabulary. Called things rad.
Nearly drowned in a sea of memories with not a word to save me.
Pondered the shattered mirror
Practiced throwing rocks

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What is Anxiety?

I made a zine! I started making zines way back when I was a kid. I’d cut out magazine pictures and use the copy machine at my dad’s office to make copies I could mail to my friends. These days, zine making is one of the most accessible forms of art for me. I absolutely depend on some amount of creative exercise for my sanity and well being, but my days are packed full with running a business and playing roller derby, not to mention having a personal and social life. Making a zine can be a pretty quick project. I made this one over the course of a few days, doing a little each morning before work. You can download this zine and print your own copy using the link below. Just download the PDF, print it using the front and back of the page, then cut the pages in half and stack them to make the booklet. Tada!

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Women are Cool and Interesting: Episode 2

For episode 2, I interviewed Lindsay DiFabbio, a self-made, Baltimore-based artist who dresses like the opening credits of Saved by the Bell and thinks farts are hilarious. Lindsay also has the most incredibly snugly cat named Gummers. Being a self-taught artist, Lindsay has some great things to say about building new skills and valuing your work. I definitely felt more inspired to take on new challenges after chatting with her.

Here’s where to find Lindsay on the internet!





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