Weekly Assignment: Play a New Game

1941 Blondie Comic Playing Card
In our constant striving to always be, do, and have more, life can begin to feel like all work and no play. That leads to burnout, which is no good for us mentally, physically, emotionally or creatively. This week, give yourself a break by playing a game. What game? Any game. Preferably a new one. Get some friends together or play alone. Head to the X-Box, the PC, or the card table.

My husband is constantly encouraging me to take a break and play a game because, frankly, I’m a little compulsive about my work. I love the feeling of accomplishing things, checking items off my to-do list, but sometimes I get so tired I can’t focus anymore, which is when I throw a full-on, toddler-style tantrum about how I’m never going to do anything with my life, etc. That’s when my husband says, “Why don’t we play some Katamari?” He is a pretty wise dude.

Last year, I decided to start playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends online, which lead to playing lots of Fiasco for a while, and then Trail of Cthulu. Now, every Wednesday night, I get together with my gaming group for a much needed respite from constantly pushing myself. It feels great to slip into an alternate reality, and the amount of laughing we do certainly doesn’t hurt. An unexpected benefit, however, was that I started to get a new perspective on storytelling as my friends and I were engaged in a sort of cooperative storytelling and character building.

So that’s your homework. This week, find the time to do something fun just because it’s fun, and who knows, you might even learn something!

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A Bouquet of Creativity

How to Write About Your Life by Penelope Trunk

If You Don’t Ask, I Won’t Tell via InnyVinny

Oprah’s Dream Board (Yes, of course Oprah is getting in on it. She’s Oprah, yo!)

9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People from ProBlogger

Literature’s Most Mind-Blowing Drugs by Darragh McManus

The Art of Doing by Sarah Von

Write One Leaf: a Tumblr site for writing every day. Really nice writing prompts there!

Check Your Creative Pulse from the NAEA Monthly Mentor

How to Create Creativity from Six Revisions

Motivation Monday: The Blahs and How to Get Over Them from Creativity on a Mission (I just discovered this site, and I expect to keep revisiting it.)

So, how are you going to feed your creative soul this weekend?

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Some Things That Are Fantastic!

Radical Temple rock right the heck out in New Orleans on Jan. 31, 2009

Generosity by Kimberly Hosey at her blog, AZ Writer. This post is a reflection on a story she recently reported. The story is here. Her writing is beautiful, and I suggest you get to know her.

“Stop being so uppity about geometry!”
–Outside Foggy Bottom Metro

from Eavesdrop DC

The Oxford English Dictionary turned 126 years old this week.

american cheese

Gala Darling had a great post for working girls this week: an article on dressing for work. It includes her own tips, feedback from readers (via Twitter), and lots of fun examples of outfits that are fun and interesting while still work appropriate.

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. Amazon essays, found via the Brevity blog. These people are always on the lookout for quirky literature. SO glad they found this one. I love it!

Foolishly Seeking True Love from Jarrett Lee Conaway on Vimeo.

Just in Case You Need It

How to use a Semicolon (faaabulous)

How to Have Lucid Dreams from Sarah Von at Yes and Yes

Why Date or Marry Asian Women is an extremely smart article on how men fetishize Asian women, and how that behavior is damaging to everyone involved.

Things that Changed Her Life from Just a Titch

On Self Portraits and Shaming from a l’allure garçonnière

We’ll See by Christine Kane

OK, you KNOW you want to see Lindsay Flipping Lohan on Clean House

Why are you so terribly disappointing?

10 Things I Hate About NPR (Team, I love NPR, but sometimes it’s annoying!)

Victory is a Kick in the Head by Matthew Baldwin

A Roundup of How To’s Using Mod Podge

Dinosaurs looked like giant chickens! (The image at that link reminds me of the mythological Phoenix. So cool. Also, I guess this explains the “tiny arms” problem for dinos.)

Ok, so I only recently discovered Boxxie, and I am weirded out by how … captivating she is. Like… so annoying, but so cute, as some random person on Youtube so succinctly put it. She is mystifying. Like Lady Gaga.

And if you don’t mind too much, here is my little bit of advice to get you through this cold weekend, especially if you’re stuck inside right now: Take it easy. Try to get some exercise. Try to eat something healthy. Take advantage of the down time. Answer the phone if you must, but cut out the compulsive e-mail checking. Don’t think too hard. Read a book. Take a hot shower or bath. Curl up with someone you love. Call your mom. Start a new art project or finish an old one. Learn a card game. Play a video game. Meditate. Pray. Make a list of things you are grateful for. Don’t dwell on what you wish you had, the choices you wish you’d made, or the places you wish you were. Just be here now. In the morning, have coffee. In the afternoon, have tea. In the evening, have rum. In between, have water. Cook something delicious. Indulge just enough to enjoy the sweetness, but not so much that you get a sugar high. Bundle up. Carry your favorite blanket with you around the house. Enjoy your weekend.



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