Saturday Special: A Different Way to Be

Dare to be different

The best thing about having pink hair is that everywhere I go, little girls point, stare, and smile. Today, while stopped at a traffic light, I noticed a little girl in the car next to me waving out her window. I smiled back, and she shouted, “I like your pink hair!” Her mom was mortified, poor thing, but I didn’t mind. I never intended my hair to be a huge feminist statement, but I know I don’t fit the beauty standards that Hollywood and the fashion industry are pushing, so it makes me happy when little girls look at someone like me and see a different way to be. And if they feel confident enough to step outside their box and give a stranger a compliment, more power to ’em!

Yep, I’ve got the warm fuzzies today. So, here’s what I’m loving online this week. 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend. Remember to be kind.

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The Saturday Special: A Sunny Wake-Up Call

@tswiers13 @correlliful @tabbyjo_co Happy Friday! #happyfriday #friends #colorado #autumn #joy #yoga #light

Good morning, sunshine! The weather has suddenly taken a turn for the cooler here in Maryland, and it’s been nothing but blue skies and crisp air for days now. I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like a gentle wake-up call from the universe — summer won’t last forever, time moves quickly, better wake up and enjoy life while we can!

What are you doing with these last days of summer? As for me, I think I figured out how to write a book that’s been lurking in the shadows for the past two years (!!) so I think I’m going to make my coffee and take my work in progress out for some fresh air.

Meanwhile, here are a few tasty bits of internet for your delectation.

  • Write Against the Machine Episode 16: Staying Motivated When Inspiration Wanes — Ellie and I talk about how to work through slumps in inspiration and motivation. Even your favorite projects will have challenges and snags, and you’ll need to be prepared to handle it.
  • If you’ve ever taken my online yoga class, please fill out this simple 10-question survey to help me improve it. I’ll soon be adding streaming and possibly video on demand for the classes, and I want to be sure I’m doing the best possible job when that happens!
  • I’ve updated my studio teaching schedule, and I’d love to see you in class any time. If you’re in the area, why don’t you drop in some time?
  • The world’s oldest living yoga teacher turned 95 this week — this is what I call a beautiful woman.
  • Can you be too big for yoga?
  • Shit book snobs say — perfect.
  • Oh, and BIG NEWS, you guys. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross have another round of Bodysex workshops coming up in Manhattan this fall. My experience in this workshop was absolutely transformative, and I do recommend it to any woman who is interested. Rumor has it these may be the last of the workshops, so please take this opportunity to meet and learn from the inimitable Betty Dodson. It will change your life.

Ok, babes, go on out into the world and do good things. Set your intention for yourself: What can I give myself today, and what can I give to the world today? It can be as simple as a smile, but do it with all the love in your heart, and the world will be a better place because you are in it.


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The Saturday Special: Caffeinated Ladies Edition

We meet in the local coffee shop, after Henri Meunier


Wow, I had the nicest week, guys. Ellie came to town and we had our mini-writing retreat at my place. We drank a LOT of coffee, hashed out some big ideas and little details for our projects, met up with our girlfriends in DC, toured a few monuments, and saw the Poetic Likeness exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. Oh, and Lauren introduced us to the coolest tea shop in DC: Teasim. I will definitely be going there again!

I don’t know about you, but I am all for gay dinosaurs.
Margaret Cho writes about being shamed for her tattoos and how a woman’s accomplishments can still be seen as secondary to her appearance.
Unicorns are real, y’all.
Don’t do anything just to please others. I adore Danielle Laporte. Sometimes the things she says just feel like a hug from a very wise, very kind person.
Famous authors as teens — awesome photos.
Sir Patrick Stewart, who I loved already, speaks out against violence against women. I love him all the more now.
A community college closed its student newspaper over a sex issue. Not a scandal, mind you, but an issue of the paper dedicated to discussing issues related to sex.
Would you ever do ganja yoga? — I’ve wondered about this. Yoga is a practice of being present and mindful, so I’m not sure what to think about this. Is it wrong? Not in my opinion. But is it really helpful? I’m not entirely convinced.
Free printable bookplates. So cute.
And finally, the Japanese have soundly beaten the Americans at the best photo meme contest.

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The Saturday Special: Sulphur Girls Edition

sulphur girls 1
Around this time last week, I learned that my friend Crystal from my home town died. We haven’t been in touch in a long time, but it’s still hard to accept that she’s really gone. I’ve been thinking of her a lot, and this week’s Saturday Special is dedicated to Crystal.

But first, I promised to share the writing that resulted from yesterday’s creative dare:

I want to turn Baltimore into the Austin of the East Coast because I’m tired of wanting to live somewhere else. I want to make amazing shit happen where I am because I’m here. The desire to have a great fucking time can be as much a source of joy as it is a source of pain. I’m tired of feeling sad about being unable to move to Austin or SF or NYC — you know, the cities where the cool kids live. Of course, now I’m also hesitant to get too rooted here because I still feel some possibility to move, and I’m scared of having to let go and move on in a year or whatever.

But you know, if there’s anything I learned from Crystal’s death, it’s that I need to invest myself more in the present. I need to delve into this time and place like there’s no tomorrow, because there might not be. And I need to take the risk of getting invested in people because even if I have to let them go, even if they hurt me, even if I move across the country, how lucky are we to have this moment! God, the bliss of sitting with someone who loves you is just so good. The thrill of looking someone in the eyes and just getting it is so sweet, it’s actually worth the heartache. In fact, it makes the heartache easier. Because I can look at those moments I had with Crystal and think, “We had so much fun. Life is so beautiful.” And that allows me to see the beauty even in crying. “Thank God I can feel this. How incredible human emotions are…”

If that makes me crazy, so be it. I think it’s the most satisfying way to live.

And now, without further ado, the links!

  • This gave me a strange new respect for Miley Cyrus.
  • Storybook looks like a great tool for novel writing and keeping track of timelines. If I ever attempt to write another novel, I would definitely want a tool like this.
  • I am for real going to submit to this magazine. I say that all the time and don’t follow through, but I’m sending in my submission today.
  • DJ Javier Estrada was featured in that Mudd Up broadcast I linked yesterday, and I really liked it. What do you think? I like music that lets me groove along as I write, and this definitely does the trick.
  • Haiku about planetary science? Oh, how I love when poetry and space exploration come together. Is my dream world really becoming a reality here or what?
  • If you’ve ever worked in journalism, you’ve probably had arguments about phrases like these. In fact, those arguments were my favorite part of working on copy desk.
  • Seth Godin’s article on pitching versus communicating is awesome. I actually laughed while reading this because it sounds like he’s describing someone I used to work with.
  • And finally, a collection of Tom Petty covers played by a bunch of different bands — all free to download. Because the world could deal with a few more Tom Petty songs in frequent rotation, I think.

Oh, one last thing:

And now, I’m off to write my heart out. It appears that I’m working on a new poetry collection, and I’m both excited and nervous about it. Wish me luck, and have a lovely weekend!


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The Saturday Special: Big Brave Dog Edition

happy thoughts

Welcome to the part of the week where I reveal what I really do in all my spare time. You think yoga teachers use their free minutes to meditate and … I dunno… eat granola? Nah, man. I am all up on Imgur.

But first, an important administrative note:
Google reader is closing on July 1, so if you’ve been using that to read this site, you’ll probably want a new way to follow your favorite blogs. I’ve been using Bloglovin’, and they even include a nice little import feature to bring all your old subscriptions over. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Reader had, though. Does anyone have suggestions for really good RSS readers?

Without further ado, here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING I found on the internet this week:

Write Against the Machine 3: Eat All the BonBons is up! In this episode, Ellie and I are super honest about what it means to us to be housewives.

Phil says that no matter what this article tells you or how cute that lion is, it’s probably a bad idea to try and give him belly scratches. Anyway, these photos are totally adorable and made me giggle.

Dodson and Ross tweeted about these mannequins that look more-or-less like normal, healthy women. Granted, they’re still a little on the thin side (notice the thigh gap), but it’s still pretty refreshing.

A real life friend of mine posted this on Imgur. Let’s see if he gets any dates. If you’re interested, I can vouch that he is actually super cool.

Helen Razer reflects with rage on International Women’s Day — I was a little put off by her suggestion that Catholics worship the Virgin Mary, considering that if anything, the Catholic relationship to women is like the “separate but equal” treatment of blacks in segregated America. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that because people will think I’m being racist, but really … do you know how many hours of my middle school theology classes were devoted to explaining why we “honor but don’t worship” Mary and why women can’t be priests? Anyway, that’s beside the point. I found the rest of her essay pretty interesting.

Also, the Catholics got a new Pope. There’s still this conflicted place in my heart where I really want to see the church recover and become a positive force in the world.

On the lighter side, doesn’t this little guy make you want to bop your head around in the most adorable way you can muster?

And finally, Snoop Dogg Lion appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show and performed a new song, which was actually really touching. I’ve always liked a handful of his songs, although I wouldn’t consider myself a die hard fan. But I like him in theory, and this evolution he’s going through right now is really interesting.

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