Saturday Special: Espresso Martini Recovery Edition

Some days, there is simply nothing more beautiful than a cup of coffee.

Hello there, love! I ordered an espresso martini last night and didn’t realize that it had actual espresso in it, so today is off to a strange start. Then I went to a yoga class where the teacher was loopy from allergy medicine — it happens to the best of us! But it was definitely entertaining. Remind me not to take Zyrtec before teaching.

Here’s the playlist I made while I couldn’t sleep last night:

I like to plan blog posts in advance, but my favorites this week were my first ever, potentially annual fashion post and How to Give Joyfully, both of which were really fun to write and even took me by surprise.

My business cards finally came in, and I LOVE them. The flower design is by my sister, of course. I hope no one thinks I’m being too cocky with my “job description.”
My cards arrived!

Here are some of my favorite things from elsewhere on the internet this week:

I tweeted about this way back in the day, and I still want this on a t-shirt. (Oh, yeah, and I downloaded my entire Twitter archive. I’ll be scrubbing that for interesting tidbits in the days to come.)

I needed these reminders this week: Danielle Laporte’s declarations on business life.

This guy in Seattle says punk rock is bullshit. He makes some good points, but my instinct is still to disagree with him. I think punk still has some great things to offer.

My reddit book exchange match turned out to be a really cool guy. Check out his art work and follow him on Twitter.

A manga based on Sei Shonagon? Yes, please! Lauren brought this up on Twitter the other day, and I had forgotten I wanted to read it. So brilliant. Can’t wait to read it.

In general, you should read Lauren’s blog because she is fabulous.

Adrienne Rich on the function of art. I love her so much.

This guy is possibly the worst and yet the most intriguing inventor in the world. Check out some of the stuff he invented … a magnetic condom?!

My gaming group found this list of cocktails you can make with Tang. Some of them actually sound delicious. Others? Terrifying.

Gala Darling wrote a cool and in-depth article on palmistry. I’ve always found that sort of thing interesting!

This was floating around Tumblr this week: Chris is just a simple guy. I saw it on my friend Lisa’s blog, and she posts a lot of funny and inspiring things, so you should check her out.

Fascinating and humanizing — photos of porn stars without their makeup (SFW).

I think that’s it for today, folks. It’s a gorgeous day outside here in Maryland, and we’re celebrating the birthday of my lovely mother-in-law tomorrow. That means it’s time to open up the windows so the house can get some fresh air and get the place feeling nice for a Sunday brunch. Mimosas? Oh yes. There will be mimosas.


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The Saturday Special: Full of Bad Kittens


Oh hey there, babycakes! Lookin’ good!

I hope you had a fabulous week and are now enjoying a well-earned rest. I hope wherever you are is warm and beautiful and you’re enjoying the company of loved ones or soaking up the gorgeousness of blissful quiet.

Here’s what I found the most fascinating online this week! Um … I may have spent a lot of time on Youtube. :-/

If this isn’t on every link roundup on the internet this week, it should be.

I can’t figure out what exactly is so hypnotic and wonderful about this video, but I wanna watch it over and over again.

I’m like two years behind on falling in love with this chick. Every time I hear this song, I walk around for the next three days singing, “One big room, full of bad kittens.” (Yeah, I know those aren’t the words, but whatever.) Seriously, though, I’m starting to love her.

I’m pretty confused about what’s going on in this video, but you can’t deny that this woman has an incredible voice and an awful lot of nerve.

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The Saturday Special: Daffodil Edition

The daffodils are starting to come up in our neighborhood, therefore I have hope!

Well, team, aside from the seemingly unending grey that is February, I’ve had a pretty good week. I hope you have, too. I got a bunch of good news about new yoga classes, plus some of our best friends have been in town for the past couple days. We have a house full of nerds, and I’ve been laughing for 3 days straight. Can’t complain.

Here’s some of what was cool on the internet this week:

“The real risk of interacting with unproven ideas is the fear that we might not react in a way our peers expect. The desire to fit in often overwhelms our curiosity.” –Seth Godin Yes yes yes.

Holy amazebals. ViHart’s guide to comments makes me want to jump up and go take all the risks.

This boy is unbearably adorable and smart. I was thinking “Is anyone besides me sick of Ted talks?” But then he started talking, and I was like “Shit, this kid is layin down the wisdom.” I’m actually somewhat jealous that I went to such a traditional school when I was his age, but it’s never too late to be inspired.

Finally, Ellie and I did our second podcast. This time it’s all about the adventure of self-publishing. You can listen or download it here:

That’s it for me today. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend. Spring really is just around the corner!

All my love!

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The Saturday Special: Stay in Bed with Tea Edition


Is there anything more beautiful than a Saturday? Not much, my friends, not much. It’s cold and rainy here today, which means I’ll be staying inside, doing some yoga, having some tea and reading. It’s important to rest your brain sometimes, you know. Even if you’re self-employed and putting a lot of pressure on yourself to perform — not that I know anything about that! Let’s set an intention today to let go of some of that pressure and just enjoy, eh?

Here are a few of the things I found most interesting on the internet this week.

  • Someone hacked George W. Bush’s e-mail and found these paintings, which are totally fascinating.
  • So, it’s possible that our universe is a self-replicating machine. How cool is that?
  • What is this magic?
  • Florida Man worlds worst superhero
  • 15 Essays by Female Writers that Everyone Should Read — Several authors on the list are people I read and studied in school. Some are people I read when I was too young to understand and appreciate them (Jamaica Kinkaid), while others are people we argued about in grad school (Annie Dillard). Look, if you have serious writers in graduate programs arguing about the honesty of your work, you’re doing something right. I’m looking forward to reading this collection.
  • Life after humans. This is essentially melodramatic disaster porn, but it’s oddly compelling. The scary music paired with high speed footage of clover growing is pretty hilarious.
  • Bill Gates did an AMA. I gotta tell the truth, the man seems like a pretty legit nice guy.
  • Here’s a great source of images for role playing characters if you’re playing any games based in the 20s.
  • A conversation with my gaming group lead me to Google Hillbilly Cthulu.
  • Do you ever think about how much we don’t know about our own planet? I love these artistic explorations of the great unknown ocean.
  • Kyeli’s post about not hurrying is extra wise — I have certainly been hurrying in several areas of my life lately, and I need to follow her advice, take a deep breath, and make the right decisions instead of just the quickest ones.
  • Pace, on the other hand, made the most beautiful Valentine’s Day post, wich I think anyone who’s been married for more than a couple years can relate to. Sometimes, we fail to really support the real live human being we’re married to because we’re hung up on the idealized version of them in our heads. Let that nonsense go, babycakes, because real love means accepting real life.

That’s all for me this week. Time to go make the tea. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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The Saturday Special


Hey hey, babycakes! I hope you had a good week. Mine was … weird. Going on a social media fast revealed to me that I may actually have a problem. I avoided time-wasting sites pretty successfully throughout my work hours, but once I was off the clock, I pretty much binged on Twitter. I’m wondering what I should do about this, if anything, and I’m thinking I need to continue keeping my social media time to a minimum during my work hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and also try to reel it in after work.

On the bright side, I got a TON of writing done this week, and I can now offer you this bonus post full of links and scraps from the internet, which I found charming, inspiring, educational or otherwise entertaining.

Oh, and I made what I believe is the perfect playlist. It’s called “The Making of a Dirty Feminist,” and it’s epic. You’ll see what I mean.

And now you know what I did while I wasn’t on Twitter. Go me!

Have a lovely Saturday, dears. Stay warm. Xoxo!

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