Debian at work makes me feel like I’m home.

Brought my own laptop to work today. After all the drama of last week, I’m not about to log in to anything using that nasty virus-ridden laptop I’ve been using. When my boss comes back, I’ll have to explain that it’s just risky to be using an infected computer to send files to various employees and clients. I just don’t want to be the one to blame when suddenly everyone in the office has to reformat. … Anyway, it’s nice having my computer here, using Debian instead of XP or Vista (yuck). It’s not that I’m particularly technically inclined or anything, but after these virus problems, and after using Vista at home for a while, I just don’t like Microsoft that much. I’ve never been a huge fan of the company, but at least their OS was ok. I still use Vista for gaming at home, but for everything else, it’s sortof a pain. The one thing I really wish Linux developers would work on is word processing programs. See, writing teachers, publishers, editors and the like use a common format that’s the standard in MS Office. When you open a new document, you start out with 12 point type, Times New Roman, and 1″ borders. All you have to do after that is switch to double instead of single spacing. Now, switch to Open Office, and even when you set the font type and size, it doesn’t look right. It’s just funky, and I worry that my teachers will reject it because it doesn’t look right.

In other news, I’ve been extraordinarily boring lately. Sorry about that. I think my energy has just been sapped by the drama.

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