Miley Cyrus Wrecks Your Idea of Herself


So, I recently watched Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” video, and I gotta say … I know everyone’s still pissed about her VMA performance, and I have some feelings about that too, but this video on its own is actually really fucking good.

People have been saying it’s disturbing or cheap or trashy, and I disagree. Women wear skimpy clothing and dance provocatively in videos for male artists all the time. Every day, we see women in the media used as props to make the men around them look better. A woman’s beauty and sexuality are used as a marketing tool for cars, beer, web hosting, you name it. What people can’t stand is that in this video, Miley absolutely works her stuff in way that benefits herself instead of someone else. She’s getting naked to sing a song and sell some records. She’s making money. Yes, it’s shameless. It should be. If a man had *ahem* assets like that, you bet he’d be working it to sell some records. Why shouldn’t Miley?

I’m not saying I agree with everything the girl does. I think her VMA performance (along with her video for “We Can’t Stop”) was a disaster because it treated black women’s bodies as a joke. I wasn’t fond of the dancing with Robin Thicke because his whole damn song is about date rape. And I don’t approve of twerking not because it’s too sexual but because the mere thought of doing it makes my back hurt. Yeah, so what, I’m old.

Anyway, I’m not some die-hard Miley defender. I’m not really a fan of her music. I think she needs more sane adults in her life. But as for her music videos, I think the strong reactions people have to her are more indicative of our own hangups than something wrong with her. If it freaks you out that much to see a woman acting sexy without a man around, maybe you’ve got some shit to work through. If you’re afraid she’s sending the wrong message to young women, maybe think about what message you’d like your daughter to receive and then have an honest conversation about that. And of course, if you simply don’t like what you’re seeing, you have options. You could go make something better.


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Dear Miss Miley Cyrus…

Dear Miss Miley Cyrus…

Whatever they say, you should not apologize, although I guess you already have, or will, or will continue to apologize. But really, why doesn’t the Disney Channel apologize for churning out one misguided starlet after another? And why doesn’t your Dad apologize for riding on your coattails? I haven’t even seen all the pictures everyone’s talking about, to be honest, but I can say the ones I’ve seen look no worse than anything I did at your age. Okay, granted, I was a particularly dumb teenager, but even I didn’t end up like, well… like Ms. Spears.

Teenagers do dumb things, and you should probably acknowledge that you did a couple dumb things, but not without the help of  the adults who made you famous. Anyway, I hope this little photo problem won’t ruin your career and start you on a nasty downward spiral. If anything, perhaps it’s taught you to use a little more discretion. It’s really not a good idea to let other people make decisions for you when you can help it, so just keep your head on and next time someone wants to take your picture, think twice before taking anything off.



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