The Quotebook: Indigo Girls


Aww yeah, y’all. It’s time for some more wisdom from high school Mary. Today’s quote is one you can only self-righteously scrawl in  your notebook during a particular period  of youth, namely, the summer before sophomore year when you’ve got your first real boyfriend, your first real gay friends, and you’re starting to feel political.

“Everything that I believe is wrong with you is wrong with me. Everything I truly love, I love in you and I love in me.”

-Indigo Girls


It’s the year when you wear that one shirt all the time because you think it looks sortof French, and you don’t understand about proper bra fitting and your boyfriend gives you this ribbon so you wear it like it’s jewelry and don’t realize how weird you look. Yay!

It’s cool, though. Next year will be fun when your knowledge of Indigo Girls lyrics betrays you and you can’t get any dates because the guys think you’re gay and the girls think you’re straight. Or maybe you’re just the weird girl. Whatever. You go on with your feminist lesbian rock quoting self. If you can keep giving zero fucks about everyone judging you, you’ll go pretty far.

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The Best Mix CD I’ve Ever Received

Feel The Music!

This is the playlist from the best mix CD I’ve ever received. I’ve lost a lot of good mixes over the years, but I managed to hang on to this one from my brother, who has possibly the best musical taste of anyone I know. He gave me this CD in the early 2000s when Modest Mouse was one of those bands you’d mention pseudo-casually to see if anyone noticed how cool you were for knowing about them. I’ve reconstructed the playlist on Youtube in order to share it with you. 🙂

As I was listening to this CD, I felt compelled to share it for several reasons. First of all, every track on here is pretty stellar. Second, I don’t know anyone else who can put Frank Sinatra and NOFX on the same playlist and make it work. Third, I find it fascinating how music stays with me over the years, and songs somehow take on more meaning. Anyway, I’m utterly in love with this playlist, and I’ve even considered having a listening party in which this CD is the focal point. Give it a listen and see what you think!

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A Song to Get You Through: Black Parade

I love love love this song because of how these guys manage to tap into that seething that’s usually just below the surface. When I was working at my old corporate job and hating life, occasionally this would come on the radio while I was driving to work, and I would crank it up and rock the fuck out. It felt like someone was reaching out to me personally with a reminder that there is life beyond the cubical wall. It was my anthem of escape.

So, I’m just putting this out here for you today as a little reminder. There is life out there. And in there. Tap into it, babe.

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