Monday Night Nonfiction: Still Practicing

life is just one big balancing act
Lately, I’ve been feeling wondering what my next steps are and where they’re leading. I’m loving teaching yoga, the online classes are going well, and I’ve got a new studio class to work on, too. I’ve even been experimenting with streaming my personal yoga practice as a way of forcing myself to do it, although the truth is I’m a little self conscious about it.

I’m definitely ready to deepen my practice and my teaching, though. Some of the poses I practice I don’t yet feel confident enough to teach, and there are definitely advanced poses that I want to learn. I know doing impressive poses isn’t the most important part of yoga, but if I’m asking anyone to see me as a teacher, I think my end of the deal includes striving to better myself, build on my knowledge, and hone my craft.

On the other hand, everyone’s at a different place on their unique path, and none of us are perfect. That means in terms of our physical practice, our self-discipline, our understanding of the sutras, the depth of our meditations — in all of it, we are imperfect. We always have something to learn. If we were perfect, wouldn’t be where we are right now. Maybe without knowing it that’s what I was getting at last winter when I started setting my goals for 2013: Love more, sing more, be imperfect.

Have I loved more this year? Yeah. I think I’ve been given more opportunities to love and to stretch my understanding of it in everything from my relationship with my husband to my connection with my yoga community.

Have I sung more lately? Not always well, but yes. I mean literally singing along when a good song comes on the radio even if someone might be listening. I also mean Omming in class. But I also think there’s a kind of inner resonance akin to “smiling with your liver,” which feels like singing. I think that’s how you know when you’re on your right path, and I’ve been finding that a lot more lately, even though sometimes I struggle to hold the tune.

Being imperfect, though … I thought it’d be the easy part, but it’s not. I’ve always wanted to be perfect, and I think most of us do. And I’ve always known how very far from perfect I am. I am aware of all my compulsions and obsessions. I’ve seen all my own bad behavior. I’ve seen every seeable flaw in my body. I’ve endured my own cruelest thoughts. And it occurs to me that if I could stop grasping for perfection, I would be perfect. If I stopped wanting to be other than I am, what I am would be just right. I’m very slowly getting better at letting go of the struggle, but it takes practice, practice, practice.

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New Online Classes Coming Soon!

Yoga Time!

Hey, Team Yoga!

Do you want to be part of my first live streaming yoga class? Sign up here, and be the first to know when it’s happening.

As you know, I’ve been teaching the online yoga classes for a while now and learning a lot. I love connecting face-to-face and sharing yoga with you incredible people, and I want to thank everyone who has been part of it so far.

But maybe going on a web cam to do online yoga isn’t your cup of tea, and I totally get that. That’s why I’m going to offer streaming classes in the very near future. You’ll be able to watch me as I teach the online class through a high quality video feed courtesy of the brilliant and very helpful people at Fastly. (Full disclosure: My husband works for them.)

When the streaming option is available, I plan to offer a very reasonably priced subscription service that will give you access to view the classes live and also read any supplementary materials I provide for the students. I often send emails out before class to inform students of the poses we will work on and where they can learn more about them, so you will have access to that information as well. Eventually, I’d like to offer video on demand, too, but I’m running a one-woman show here, so I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.)

Of course, before all that, we need to do a test run! That’s why I want you to sign up for the newsletter so I can invite you to be part of the process. I’ll be streaming my Thursday night Beginner-Intermediate class to start, and I’ll test out some alternative time slots and class styles as well. This is your chance to get a taste of online yoga, experience my teaching style, and decide if my classes are right for you. It’s my chance to learn more about you and improve my teaching and services. This is a major win-win situation.

Yoga isn’t just about the poses we do or how long we can sit in meditation. The word “yoga” means “union.” We practice to unite the mind, body, and spirit. We practice to unite our life with our purpose. And we practice to unite the world in peace. When we come together to do yoga online, we’re creating that unity within ourselves and with one another. It’s a really wonderful experience, and I hope you’ll be part of it.


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My Ideal Student

It's all yoga, baby.

  • My ideal yoga student is the person who doesn’t think yoga is for people like her.
  • I want to teach people who desperately need a few minutes of peace in their days.
  • I want to teach young people who are looking for a fulfilling way to be in the world.
  • I want to teach women who are sick of being at war with their bodies.
  • I want to teach men who are fed up with stereotypes about masculinity.
  • I want to teach people who believe they have something to offer the world and just need the time and space to unlock it.

I just thought I should put that out there. I love the folks I’m teaching yoga to these days. I love their curiosity, sense of humor, and willingness to try new things. I love that they make time for yoga when they can.

I feel like there’s definitely a community out there that wants to break the digital barrier down even more with online yoga practices. I feel fortunate to be in a position to serve those people. I’m a gamer with a bunch of engineer and programmer friends scattered around the country, so our friendships have revolved around IRC, video games, Skype calls and video chats, so it just made sense to extend that to the online classes. I’m really excited about how well it’s been going, and can’t really shut up about it, can I?

So, I just wanted you to know that if the above sounds like you, I really think we would work well together. I would absolutely adore meeting you.

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The Saturday Special: Unreasonably Happy Edition


Hey guys,

This has been the kind of week during which I feel constantly on the verge of happy tears, kinda like the last time I went to San Francisco. It’s the kind of week that’s so good I’m not sure I can handle being this happy for this long. Like the dopamine receptors in my brain are actually worn down and going, “Dude, can we just calm down a minute?”

Ellie and I have done a ton of work on our podcast, Write Against the Machine, and I’m really proud of how it’s looking. I’ve been managing the tech side of things with backup from my genius husband while Ellie has whipped the design into shape. Check out them sexy graphics, right? This week, we released Episode 4: Creative Super Friends, Assemble! This episode is all about how to build up your creative circle of friends with people who both support and challenge you.

AND I started teaching online yoga classes. I was mentally prepared for a lot of snags and hangups, but once we got started, it was super easy and fun! If you missed the first one, don’t worry: I’ve added more classes to the schedule already. Right now, online classes are just on Thursday, but I’m considering adding another day. If you want to put in your vote for a particular day or time, let me know in the comments!

Finally, here are the tasty bits from the rest of the internet: 

That’s it for me this week. I hope you’re all well and happy. Take good care of yourselves!


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Online Yoga Classes Begin Today!

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Hey guys, today I’m giving my first ever online yoga class. I’ve had a lot of people say they’d love to try my class if they lived closer, and I really wanted to make yoga available to all of you.

Every Thursday, I’ll give a beginner-to-intermediate class for you to get familiar with the poses and concepts of yoga. I’ll also be adding a deep relaxation class soon! For detailed class descriptions, check out my schedule.

Today’s class filled up surprisingly quickly, but you can sign up for future classes on the registration page. Once you register, I’ll send you an e-mail with details about how to participate.

Right now, the online classes will be donation based for several reasons. First, I’m still figuring out the technology involved in doing this. There may be some costs down the road, which will figure into any pricing that I do set. Second, I really want this class to be available to as many people as possible. So, if you’ve never tried yoga and aren’t sure about spending money on it, or if you just don’t have much cash to spare right now, I can sympathize. Try a class and see how it goes for you, and you can donate whatever you feel is appropriate to help keep it going.

Or if you wanna donate now just because you’re nice, I’ve added a button for that on the front page.

If you have questions, use the contact page to get in touch. Thanks, and I can’t wait to see you in class!


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