New Online Classes Coming Soon!

Yoga Time!

Hey, Team Yoga!

Do you want to be part of my first live streaming yoga class? Sign up here, and be the first to know when it’s happening.

As you know, I’ve been teaching the online yoga classes for a while now and learning a lot. I love connecting face-to-face and sharing yoga with you incredible people, and I want to thank everyone who has been part of it so far.

But maybe going on a web cam to do online yoga isn’t your cup of tea, and I totally get that. That’s why I’m going to offer streaming classes in the very near future. You’ll be able to watch me as I teach the online class through a high quality video feed courtesy of the brilliant and very helpful people at Fastly. (Full disclosure: My husband works for them.)

When the streaming option is available, I plan to offer a very reasonably priced subscription service that will give you access to view the classes live and also read any supplementary materials I provide for the students. I often send emails out before class to inform students of the poses we will work on and where they can learn more about them, so you will have access to that information as well. Eventually, I’d like to offer video on demand, too, but I’m running a one-woman show here, so I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.)

Of course, before all that, we need to do a test run! That’s why I want you to sign up for the newsletter so I can invite you to be part of the process. I’ll be streaming my Thursday night Beginner-Intermediate class to start, and I’ll test out some alternative time slots and class styles as well. This is your chance to get a taste of online yoga, experience my teaching style, and decide if my classes are right for you. It’s my chance to learn more about you and improve my teaching and services. This is a major win-win situation.

Yoga isn’t just about the poses we do or how long we can sit in meditation. The word “yoga” means “union.” We practice to unite the mind, body, and spirit. We practice to unite our life with our purpose. And we practice to unite the world in peace. When we come together to do yoga online, we’re creating that unity within ourselves and with one another. It’s a really wonderful experience, and I hope you’ll be part of it.


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What is a feminist spiritual memoir, anyway?

When you tell people you’ve written a book, the automatically ask, “What’s it about.” In grad school, we hated when people aked us that question because we felt books were not supposed to be about something, rather that they were something in their own right.  We were all very high brow and obnoxious. Or maybe that was just me.

Anyway, I’ve been telling people my book is a feminist spiritual memoir, a description that typically earns me a lot of blank looks. So, let me explain.

The book is available on Kindle and in print now. If you like it, I would absolutely love for you to rate it and review it on Amazon and Goodreads.

Dirty Water Coffee for Kindle

Dirty Water Coffee in Print


On re-watching this video, I realize how much I “uh” and “um” and “sooo.” But it’s out there, so that’s that. I’ll get better at this with time, I promise!

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Anger is the American Condition

This is me reading one of my favorite recent essays this morning while having my coffee. If you watch all the way through, you get to hear me sing for like 3 seconds.

I have this thing for making videos right when I wake up lately. I made this one while sitting on the floor in our front hallway because it was nice and sunny. Sorry the quality is so low, but I pretty much can’t stand using a regular video camera and then having to load the video on my laptop and edit and all that jazz.

Anyway, this relates back to that idea of embracing rage that I wrote about recently, so you can see how embracing what you feel and examining where it comes from leads to something more interesting than just stuffing it.

Also, if you enjoy this and want to get more, sign up for the newsletter. I promise not to spam you or send out messages more than once per week, but I’m going to start sending out occasional updates on what I’m up to, including book updates, videos, announcements, and special content that won’t be available anywhere else. Ta-da!

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why i <3 @AnneLamott

I checked Twitter immediately upon waking up this morning because I’m a little on the OCD side like that (isn’t everyone these days?) and I learned that Anne Lamott is now on Twitter. This makes me pretty seriously happy.

While I had my coffee and vitamins, I pondered why Anne Lamott is my favorite writer. Here’s what I came up with:

Actually, there are a lot of reasons I love her writing, like how compassionate she is, how she deals with the shortcomings of her characters in such a loving and positive way, how she gives such solid advice about writing. But lots of people can give good advice and even be lovely and compassionate without being interesting at all (myself, for example). But I really think it’s the overall joyfulness of Lamott’s writing that makes me love it the most.

So, how about you? What is it that really makes you love your favorite writers?

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memories like dreams

Good morning from New York City!

I  made this little video last night as a way of announcing that I will soon be releasing my essay collection into the world.

I spent a long time pondering what to do with this one, and after much deliberation, settled on self-publishing.I thought really hard about traditional publishing and talked to a lot of people about it. There is the whole idea that traditional publishing gives your book more currency. Being accepted by an agent, an editor, and a publisher is a significant stamp of approval. But I decided I don’t want their approval. I did this work. It’s mine. And now I’m sending it out into the world to have a life of its own.

If I went the traditional publishing route, my life would continue to revolve around getting this thing out the door for the next year at least. But I don’t want to do that. I want to move on to the next thing.

So, in the next month, keep an eye out, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Wish me luck!

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