The Quotebook: Indigo Girls


Aww yeah, y’all. It’s time for some more wisdom from high school Mary. Today’s quote is one you can only self-righteously scrawl in  your notebook during a particular period  of youth, namely, the summer before sophomore year when you’ve got your first real boyfriend, your first real gay friends, and you’re starting to feel political.

“Everything that I believe is wrong with you is wrong with me. Everything I truly love, I love in you and I love in me.”

-Indigo Girls


It’s the year when you wear that one shirt all the time because you think it looks sortof French, and you don’t understand about proper bra fitting and your boyfriend gives you this ribbon so you wear it like it’s jewelry and don’t realize how weird you look. Yay!

It’s cool, though. Next year will be fun when your knowledge of Indigo Girls lyrics betrays you and you can’t get any dates because the guys think you’re gay and the girls think you’re straight. Or maybe you’re just the weird girl. Whatever. You go on with your feminist lesbian rock quoting self. If you can keep giving zero fucks about everyone judging you, you’ll go pretty far.

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Inspiration and Wisdom from Halcyon

andicat's and halcyon's camera

I really enjoy Halcyon’s Hug Nation videos. He’s one of the people I watched religiously when I was trying to work up the nerve to change my life. If I got a quiet moment at the office, I would go to Youtube and find one of his videos and enjoy the feeling that someone out there was on my side, someone else out there saw the world as this brilliant and gorgeous experience that I hoped it could be. In this video, he shares his guidelines for how to find meaning in your life. It’s a long video but totally worth the watch. I am so grateful for him being out in the world and sharing his love of life. I hope you’ll be able to take some of his ideas to heart.

I know my hippy stuff might not resonate with everyone, but whatever. I find this guy inspiring, especially when he talks about all the ways in which joy is a choice. Most of us in the Western world live with a great luxury of choice. We have so many options spread before us at all times, yet we often think of all these options as nothing more than a hassle. When we start changing our minds about how we want to view the world, we start to change everything.

Thanks, Halcyon, for being a voice for awareness, choice, and transformation.



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The Saturday Special: Stay in Bed with Tea Edition


Is there anything more beautiful than a Saturday? Not much, my friends, not much. It’s cold and rainy here today, which means I’ll be staying inside, doing some yoga, having some tea and reading. It’s important to rest your brain sometimes, you know. Even if you’re self-employed and putting a lot of pressure on yourself to perform — not that I know anything about that! Let’s set an intention today to let go of some of that pressure and just enjoy, eh?

Here are a few of the things I found most interesting on the internet this week.

  • Someone hacked George W. Bush’s e-mail and found these paintings, which are totally fascinating.
  • So, it’s possible that our universe is a self-replicating machine. How cool is that?
  • What is this magic?
  • Florida Man worlds worst superhero
  • 15 Essays by Female Writers that Everyone Should Read — Several authors on the list are people I read and studied in school. Some are people I read when I was too young to understand and appreciate them (Jamaica Kinkaid), while others are people we argued about in grad school (Annie Dillard). Look, if you have serious writers in graduate programs arguing about the honesty of your work, you’re doing something right. I’m looking forward to reading this collection.
  • Life after humans. This is essentially melodramatic disaster porn, but it’s oddly compelling. The scary music paired with high speed footage of clover growing is pretty hilarious.
  • Bill Gates did an AMA. I gotta tell the truth, the man seems like a pretty legit nice guy.
  • Here’s a great source of images for role playing characters if you’re playing any games based in the 20s.
  • A conversation with my gaming group lead me to Google Hillbilly Cthulu.
  • Do you ever think about how much we don’t know about our own planet? I love these artistic explorations of the great unknown ocean.
  • Kyeli’s post about not hurrying is extra wise — I have certainly been hurrying in several areas of my life lately, and I need to follow her advice, take a deep breath, and make the right decisions instead of just the quickest ones.
  • Pace, on the other hand, made the most beautiful Valentine’s Day post, wich I think anyone who’s been married for more than a couple years can relate to. Sometimes, we fail to really support the real live human being we’re married to because we’re hung up on the idealized version of them in our heads. Let that nonsense go, babycakes, because real love means accepting real life.

That’s all for me this week. Time to go make the tea. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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Writing is Like Swimming Across an Ocean

virginia woolf

I’ve been readin the diary of Virginia Woolf, and I love it. I found this passage particularly heartening.

Tuesday, May 11, 1920
It is worth mentioning, for future reference, that the creative power which bubbles so pleasantly on beginning a new book quiets down after a time, and one goes on more steadily. doubts creep in. Then one becomes resigned. Determination not to give in, and the sense of an impending shape keep one at it more than anything. I’m a little anxious. How am I to bring off this conception?

She wrote this as she was beginning work on Jacob’s Room.

During grad school, someone giving a lecture told us that writing a book is like swimming across an ocean. Reflecting on it now, I realize that statement is far more true than I could have known at the time. Realistically, swimming across an ocean is a stupid idea, but then, so is writing a book, isn’t it? There’s no telling if you’ll get to the other side, and most people who try don’t. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.

There always comes a point in the creative process where we look back at where we started and we can’t quite see the shore, nor can we see any promise of another shore if we keep pressing forward, but we have little choice. We press forward.

When you reach that point of feeling lost at sea, take heart. First, it means you’ve gotten somewhere. You have ventured very far out from shore, and you are meant to feel lost at this point. Second, absolutely everyone who has ever created anything has been at that point. You are not alone, no matter how much it may seem that way right now.

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