Never Question Weirdness

Modern art?

You know what I hate?

I hate when you’re out in the world, and you see something delightfully, gorgeously weird and out of place, and people are like “What the fuck is that?” Like they’re offended because something is not in its normal order. And they’re not really offended. I mean, they haven’t even thought that much about it, but they’re just so used to the grey way things look, the status quo, the sortof uneventful evenness of everyday life being totally ho-hum. So when they see something new they demand an explanation.

When something weird or bizarre or even inconvenient or terrible happens, let that call you to awareness. Let it wake you up. Let it open your eyes and put new ideas in your head.

When the world reveals itself to you in these unexpected ways, when it shares its quirks and its grief, treat it like a lover. Don’t demand explanations. Accept it with open arms, open mind, open heart. Be grateful that you have been given this moment to see something totally new and precious.

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