the clink clank

The Clink Clank by Durght
The clink clank
of beer bottles
on their way out.
The opening and shutting
of doors: a gruff puff
sound like stuffing swollen
pieces in an antique puzzle.
The air piffs about.
The groaning of beds shoved
against walls like passengers
on the F train
when it turns and we
stumble over each other
politely, excusing one another,
ignoring the one
hacking passenger and trying
not to smile at the baby
that isn’t ours.
The quicksand sucking of
our breath as we pull
cigarettes from our lips
sounding surprised over
and over like, “Surprise!
I cause cancer,” and
someone in the back
of our collective head muttering
“Potatoes, saccharine, second-hand
smoke, microwaves, TVs,
cellular phones,” the
comforting change of
The music that comes
of thin walls and
youth — pounding feet
over heads and heads
over heals in our risk-
taking years when we’ve the best chances
of doing something stupid
but also of propogating
the species, which is to say
the world may have us to thank,
and we may have nothing.