the real reason you did it in the first place

The whole internet 2.0 thing (or whatever-point-oh we’re on now) can sometimes be so much about self-promotion that it makes me sick. When people start using “authentic” as a social media buzzword, I authentically¬†fight the urge to scream and pull people’s hair out. (This is my yoga today: walking that fine line between moral decency and self-righteous obnoxiousness.)

When Danielle LaPorte launched her book, she worked really hard to promote it, and she had a lot of success, but despite all her effort, she didn’t make the New York Times bestseller list. In her blog post about it, she references Seth Godin’s writing about false metrics and how he thinks the list itself is corrupt.

So I’m reading these blog posts about metrics … another buzz word that gives me authentic rage. But then I’m struck by this one phrase: the real reason you did the project in the first place.¬†

I had a little light bulb moment.

The real reason you did the project in the first place … It’s like a magic incantation, I swear. If you put this verbal idea filter over anything in the world, you can get down to the nitty gritty of what it’s all about.

I became a yoga teacher because I am the kind of nerd who, when eating at a restaurant with paper table cloths and crayons, leaves yogic graffiti to try and spread the love.

The real reason I became a yoga teacher … is that yoga is the best way I’ve found to create peace in my own life and come to terms with my own flaws, and I believe it’s a powerful tool for bringing peace to other people.

The real reason I wrote my graduate thesis… is that I wanted to get at the mysteries andthe mythologies of modern life.

The real reason I write this blog … is that I enjoy developing these little ideas of mine and putting them out there for the world and that I hope to occasionally inspire someone to see things a little differently.

The real reason I write poetry … is that it makes me happy.

And it’s not a massive divine revelation or anything. Like I said, it’s a little¬†light bulb moment. But it’s a nice one.

Because when I know what my motivation is, I also know what my motivation isn’t.

I did not become a yoga teacher because I believe in the power of skinny women in expensive yoga pants. In fact, I think yoga pants as a concept are simply fucking ridiculous. And I didn’t become a yoga teacher because I wanted to quit cursing, either. So there.

I didn’t write my graduate thesis for the honor of trying to mangle it into some kind of marketable shape.

I don’t write this blog to become famous because if that was my real purpose, I should have given it up years ago. I could’ve accomplished a lot more in that regard by posting naked photos on the internet, but that’s not what I’m here for.

I don’t write poetry to get rich. Because … hahahahaha. Right?

I do not live my life in hopes of getting retweets, likes, upvotes or karma. It’s important to remember that.

Anyway, happy Monday. <3

Miss Dirt

There is no such thing as yoga pants.
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