The Saturday Special: Caffeinated Ladies Edition

We meet in the local coffee shop, after Henri Meunier


Wow, I had the nicest week, guys. Ellie came to town and we had our mini-writing retreat at my place. We drank a LOT of coffee, hashed out some big ideas and little details for our projects, met up with our girlfriends in DC, toured a few monuments, and saw the Poetic Likeness exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. Oh, and Lauren introduced us to the coolest tea shop in DC: Teasim. I will definitely be going there again!

I don’t know about you, but I am all for gay dinosaurs.
Margaret Cho writes about being shamed for her tattoos and how a woman’s accomplishments can still be seen as secondary to her appearance.
Unicorns are real, y’all.
Don’t do anything just to please others. I adore Danielle Laporte. Sometimes the things she says just feel like a hug from a very wise, very kind person.
Famous authors as teens — awesome photos.
Sir Patrick Stewart, who I loved already, speaks out against violence against women. I love him all the more now.
A community college closed its student newspaper over a sex issue. Not a scandal, mind you, but an issue of the paper dedicated to discussing issues related to sex.
Would you ever do ganja yoga? — I’ve wondered about this. Yoga is a practice of being present and mindful, so I’m not sure what to think about this. Is it wrong? Not in my opinion. But is it really helpful? I’m not entirely convinced.
Free printable bookplates. So cute.
And finally, the Japanese have soundly beaten the Americans at the best photo meme contest.

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